How Responsive Web Design Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

The World Wide Web, generally known as just ‘web’, was originally made to work on heavy duty, table top, large screened computers also known as desktops, during late nineties and early 2000s. The world has changed since then with the introduction of smart devices: smart phones, tablets etc. Therefore, websites too have to break the desktop barriers and need to suit this newly introduced, internet-connected bunch of devices.

However, developing different websites for every of them can be a costly affair. To cope the issue, websites are made sensitive or responsive to the resolution and screen size, resizing accordingly.

In addition to reducing cost of design and development, responsive web design create many online business opportunities, not possible otherwise.

Harnessing new, untapped and smart audience

Unless going business crazy, any websites should be fully optimized and accessible on any device you throw it on, including tablets, smalls screened laptops, smart phones, wide screen monitors etc. There is huge potential with these devices, on a general case its user are smarter and more affluent than traditional users.

However, if you throw a non-optimized, desktop heavy device on their small screened, battery powered portables. They will leave immediately, never to come back.

Higher conversion rates and bottom-line

With absence of redirection and use of standardised Style Sheets (CSS) across leads to unified design approach and a consistent look and feel.  This approach will burn a sense of trust among prosperous customers, making them to stay longer on the website, directly influencing your conversion rates with similar look, preference and functionality across all devices.

Better Analytics

Marketers around the world use analytics and reporting tools, to boost their online sales, ultimately profits. Reporting is easier thanks to automated, well-presented tools like Google Analytics.

However, using different web address for every niche of device you’re targeting can cause analytics reporting difficult to digest and manipulate, creating a time consuming job. Responsive web design by using same address for all its avatars, generates single report scrutinize for every device and its details.

Thus saving, lots of headache and time for the marketers.

Improve Organically

Single link for all sites also leads to narrowing of concentration to a single website. Link related activity including link building and other SEO things also get less time consuming, in contrast to a non-responsive site with a unified SEO strategy.

In addition, with responsive site the low-level duplication minimizes, leading to better ranking.

Further, Google enables mobile responsive sites to be more prominently features in localised search results, especially relevant if you’re into local business.

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Lowering of design and development cost

The traditional approach suggests to make a desktop redirected, separate mobile site for all devices (touch/non touch, tablets etc.), thus increasing development cost and testing time, increasing costs  However, responsive web design allows styles be re-used and optimised as per the device with a single site address, a better methodology.


A responsive website should demonstrate a unique layout while retaining design elements for every device it is accessed from—be it Tablet, Phone or a Desktop. Responsive Web Design gives piece of mind whether on a wide screen desktop monitor or a small-screened dumb phone, providing a great experience irrespective of device.

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