Social Media Marketing : A ladder to the success of your website’s SEO!

In this era, people may not have time for their closed ones, but they definitely have it for their social media profiles. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc are totally ruling the digital era. Now it has become very essential to add social media marketing to your list for site’s ranking rather than just implementing the traditional SEO tactics. Let’s see the spice of social media!

1. Enhance your “Google Authority”: 

The new Internet marketers are obsessed with Google page ranks thinking it is the only way to climb the SEO success ladder. But have you ever wondered how Google ranks any website? It all comes to your authority. Your authority is Google’s authority. Wikipedia is almost ranked first by Google. Why? Because it has trillions of links? NO!! The mixture of relevance, links and keywords is a perfect recipe for the tastefulness of SEO. Authority is when people trust you on your insights; they will support you, and a human support is Google authority.

2. Make You tube your personal tube to the other side:

You tube is the most promising and famous site to publish your videos. Optimize your videos on you tube where you can attract more viewers and shares that would definitely increase your business. The research says that 70% of the world’s population watches at least one video on you tube every day. Make your videos easy to search with promising keywords and take a step ahead in optimizing your website using social media.

3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile:

Here are some quick things you can do to make a better SEO friendly profile on LinkedIn. Make your profile more discoverable and send some SEO authority or say the link juice to other RELEVANT pages.

4. “Sharing is always good”:

Before the social media tactics came into picture, link building was the only source of getting a better rank for your site. But the social media marketing waved its magic wand and has given us Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Google+ and LinkedIn to enhance our business. Landing on these platforms means achieving more number of shares through viewers which eventually increases viewers making us famous and trustworthy.

So, swim in the endless waters of Social Media and fix the wreckage to build a better ship for your website’s SEO!

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