Website Design

Intesols has a dream team of award winning graphic designers in Melbourne that cater to businesses of all types across various industries. If you’re looking to add a professional and fresh look to your organisation’s website, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of designers keep in mind, the organisation’s target audience, market trends and business objectives. With emphasis on providing ROI, our strategies revolve around creating call to actions that capture customer data.

This is accomplished by analysing client’s services and / or products offerings, their existing corporate image and brand, customer feedback and preferences, as well as taking design surveys during mock-ups and prototypes.

The Process We Follow



The key to successful design implementation of a website is a detailed analysis. Conducting this analysis helps us to most effectively display professional branding and create the best user experience. We analyse the market competitors relevant to the business, client requirements, audience preferences based on our vast research, marketing and branding concepts, all adhering to the rules of conducting business in Australia.



In this stage we create a sample layout based on the requirements collected, to be further approved by our client. Once approved, we move to the design phase and furnish the actual design of the site.


Web Design

Based on the approved prototype and additional preferences provided by the client, we create the final design layout. All the afore mentioned marketing and branding themes are taken into consideration. All the feedback, minor changes and suggestions are then encompassed into the final design.



During this stage the graphical design layout is converted into the table less web pages (HTML) with the help of latest HTML development practice, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Development tools are used to make the website design and navigational structure functional.

We ensure that the final implementation of the website is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. Images on the website are optimised which reduces loading time, ensuring that customers don’t wait too long for pages to load.



Testing is done throughout various stages of project development to produce a comprehensive and high quality website. Testing involves the use of specialised browser testing tools, assessing download speed from different geographical locations, checking of broken links and a thorough check for any minor errors.

Intesols designs websites that are professional, easy to browse while increasing the amount of time users spend on your website by fully engaging them.


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