Responsive web design – ideal for SEO

Any website that adapts to the screen size of the hardware is termed as responsive web design. The idea is to create ‘one website for all scree sizes’.

Apart from removing horizontal scrolling, the design also changes to columnar layout with downward rolling. Information and contents roll downwards giving all the relevant details to the user.

When we talk about SEO for responsive web design, it shifts the focus from optimising desktop or web applications to mobile applications. With responsive design it becomes easier to gain higher rank on the SERP. Let’s check out the reasons for it:

Firstly Google gives higher ranks to websites that have low bounce rate. When any mobile user gets all the information on his screen in an easy to navigate manner, there are no chances of going back to the Google search pages. This reduces bounce rate giving your site higher ranking effortlessly.

Secondly, in a responsive site there would be just one copy of content which rules out the possibility of content duplication frequently occurring in mobile website and actual website. So, relevant information is catered at two ends without breaking any optimisation rules.

Thirdly, local searches become easier with the Google apps for mobiles. According to the terms dictated by Google, it gives priority to sites that are optimised for mobile searches. This way responsive design will give a boost to your rankings as well.

Next big thing in the realm of responsive web design is that the link to your mobile site is the same as that of the actual website. Due to fewer backlinks for mobile sites, link building for your site becomes easy giving an edge to the ranking of your original site.

According to the statistics, responsive web design enhances the user visits by 400% giving one an instant boost in ranking and thus business. So, get responsive and get business!!

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