Website Development

Engaging, Attractive and Intuitive Web Solutions

Do you want to create a robust digital presence to attract prospective clients and generate revenues?

What you need is a user-friendly website that is pleasing to the eyes while delivering the right message to the right audience. This accuracy is vital for your brand to be noticed in the right market spaces. Intesols provides the perfect blend of creativity with cutting edge development tools to create compelling websites and integrated online solutions.

The Process We Follow


Ergonomic Web Designs

We combine the latest design trends with nu creative ideas for creating ergonomic web designs that resonate with your business goals and your target audience.


Latest Web Development Techniques

We use the latest CSS platform and follow a table-less approach to create search engine friendly and easy-to-maintain web pages.


Cross Browser Compatibility

Our cross-browser compatible websites work effortlessly across latest and popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 9+.


Mobile Friendly Websites

We create mobile-friendly websites to ensure the web pages work flawlessly across various devices like smartphones, tablets and PCs.


Expertise in Various Web Platforms

Leveraging the agile practices, we use the latest web platforms like PHP, Laravel and .Net to create intuitive web solutions.


User-Friendly Typography

Typography is a crucial UI (User Interface) element, as it sets the tone for the overall theme and also holds the aspect of reader comprehension. Therefore, we use user-friendly and contemporary Google fonts for the webpage.


Speed Optimisation

Slow loading time is one of the most frustrating things that result in high bounce rates. Our speed optimised web pages reduces the loading time for an enhanced UX (User Experience).


Content Management System

We use the latest content management systems like WordPress or Magento 1 and 2, making it easy for the client to manage content from the back end. Intesols provides hands on training to clients to enhance self management at the back end of the website. We are always available for any support required.


Standard Approach - Global validation

We take the standard approach to validate the website by following the latest W3C standards.

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