Smartphone usage is no longer a statistic or prediction. It is a living reality for nearly every person around the globe. This has not only made it easier for customers to find new businesses, it has allowed businesses to create almost unmanned business operations that function to provide a vital source of business opportunities. As the market is being over-poured by numerous apps ranging across various industries, it is paramount to develop an app that excels creatively. This ensures that the app is engaging enough for customers to browse through, and precise enough to develop business for you.

What Keeps Us Ahead Of The Market:

Intesols lays great emphasis on designing apps that not only exceed serving their original purpose, but also are a visual treat that create a fun user experience. One of our prime objectives is to reduce complications while handling the app, for both the user and the client. This opens up the possibility of seamless app use by people within various age brackets.

Our team of designers are some of the most passionate techies in the industry. We are motivated by positive User Experience and ROI. This sets the basis for all the projects that we undertake. The apps we design are focused on establishing strong brand awareness, loyalty and recall.

Our clients are often surprised by how the apps we design are received by their existing and potential customers.

You dream and we create!

The professionals at Intesols will help you create apps that can:

  • Engage consumers in a brand focused experience
  • Reward your customers
  • Allow you to gather valuable data
  • Facilitate Customer Relationships
  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Create brand loyalty

Our Mobile App Features

The mobile app developed by Intesols will be decked with:

Intensified reality

Custom e-mails

Prioritize speed

A location based
service (GPS)

User engaging

Push notifications

Shopping integration

QR code

One touch interface

Our Strategic Process


Workshops & Consulting

Intesols always seeks to provide mobile app solutions that hit the bullseye of customer requirements. For this, we conduct extensive workshops and consultations with clients to ensure that we are not only on the right track, but can aid the development process to offer far more than expected.

Beyond the designing of the app layout and user interface, we also use our industry expertise to help clients to get the most out of their apps.


Wireframes & Requirements

A wireframe is the step before the initial mock-up of the actual app design. This allows our clients to understand the flow of information that the customer would experience, giving you absolute control over how you choose this process to be conducted.

The wireframe clearly reflects on your business objectives and can be adjusted according to varying needs.


Design Mock-Ups

Once you approve of the wire frames, we will then develop a mock-up design of your application. This will be a practical application that you can try out and evaluate to see if it meets your requirements. Also, if you wish to make any changes at this stage; it can be easily carried out.


Apps Development

Taking into consideration your valuable feedback and suggestions, our mobile app designers start developing the required mobile app.



Before launching the designed app for consumer usage, our team ensures its quality by testing the app across various devices. This helps us to clearly identify any minor glitches that may come in the way of a smooth User Experience.



Once all the necessary deployment activities, approvals and tweaks are taken care of, we can finally launch the app to mobile app stores across various platforms.

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