Smartphones are the new sensation in the business world owing to the wide number of users accessing their smartphones for shopping, connecting with social networks and interacting with organisations. As the mobile apps call for high level of creativity, it is very important for organisations to develop qualitative, engaging and more of creative mobile apps.

What keeps us ahead of the market!

We at Intesols very well understand that mobile application development is certainly not a game but using creativity, our team of designers and programmers aim at creating mobile apps that are fun to handle and at the same time stand immensely effective. We believe in catering¬†‘Higher Quality with Lesser Complications’.

We have an excellent team of designers, who are certainly the best in the industry. The passion for making applications is what keeps them motivated in developing them and make them capable of building brand awareness, loyalty and making the consumer’s experience to the highest level of satisfaction which they would get out of your business and products.

Right from games to gadgets, our apps serve as the full time marketing tools kept safe in the pockets of the target audience.

You dream and we create!

With mobile application development service as provided by Intesols, you get to turn your business dreams into reality. Even if you are not sure as to what type of mobile app you desire or which kind will bring out the best output; our team is always willing to help you out. We clearly know what will work right for your business.

The professionals at Intesols will help you create apps that can:

  • Engross consumers in a branded experience
  • Entertain and reward your customers
  • Allow you to gather valuable data
  • Facilitate Customer Relationships
  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Keep your consumers engaged
  • Create brand loyalty

Our Mobile App Features

The mobile app developed by Intesols will be decked with:

Intensified reality

Custom e-mails

Prioritize speed

A location based
service (GPS)

User engaging

Push notifications

Shopping integration

QR code

One touch interface

Our Strategic Process


Workshops & Consulting

Intesols helps its clients in developing effective strategy and solution for the mobile apps. Through workshops and consulting, we get to understand the business needs of our clients in a more comprehensive way.

Also, we help the clients know how they can use the specific mobile app in increasing business productivity. This is the initial step marking the development of mobile apps.


Wireframes & Requirements

As you choose to start the development on your project, we will create a set of wire frames for your mobile application. The wire frames so designed have detailed design plans that give you a step-by-step idea of what will happen once a customer uses your mobile app.

With the help of wire frames, you can even be clear of your business requirement and further changes, if any, can be made accordingly.


Design Mock-Ups

Once you approve of the wire frames, we will then develop a mock-up of your application. This will be a practical application that you can try out and
evaluate if it is meeting up with your requirements. Also, if you wish to make any changes at this stage; it can be easily carried out.


Apps Development

Taking into consideration your valuable thoughts and feedback, our mobile app designers start developing the required mobile app.



Before launching the designed app for the use of consumers, our team ensures the quality of it by doing a mock test.

In case there exist any loopholes, testing uncovers them all and necessary changes can be made accordingly.



The mobile application so developed is finally made available in the market once the deployment activities are carried on from both our and your business’ end.

Customer satisfaction matters a lot to us and our team will always be monitoring the mobile apps developed for you. In case of any problem, you can contact our customer support team and get it resolved in no time.

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