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Google AdWords: Stop Wasting, Start Investing!

Intesols caters to businesses that seek to establish on-going sources of acquiring business without having to further take time out for the process. AdWords marketing solutions provides a previously unheard of avenue for acquiring leads via online search engine activity. Our system when set in place, works like a resource of leads that exhibit a clear intent to purchase.

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Google Adwords Management

Google AdWords

Understanding Google AdWords

Multiple businesses across all industries have adapted to Google’s Adwords service. Leveraging AdWords advertisement solutions provides measurable online marketing results. Google Adwords is vital to receive ongoing business leads as it showcases your business at prime spots on search engine browsers.

Google Adwords provides businesses of all types and sizes, equal opportunity. As there stands no minimum spends or long term contracts, you will find it easy to adjust it. More importantly, you get to measure your results accurately and further modify the strategy. Intesols provides hands on learning for all clients to the point of absolute confidence. Even then, we are always happy to jump in and help when you need it.

Why Intesols for AdWords?

We are a Google Certified Adwords Partner Company (Click here to verify)

Our unique methodology and dedication to your success sets us apart from the numerous Adwords providers in Melbourne. Our Google Adwords specialists begin by closely analysing your business model and industry. This allows us to craft out the best PPC ad that entails maximum ROI. Intesols firmly believes in designing goal oriented Google Adwords campaigns that can be monitored and tweaked for effectiveness.

Benefits of working with Intesols for your Adwords includes:

  • Google certified AdWords partner company
  • Highly experienced AdWords professionals
  • Flexible PPC budget system
  • Unique approach and methodology for PPC ads
  • Result oriented, measurable PPC campaigns
  • Profile consisting of diverse industries with high success rate

Managing Google AdWords

Intesol’s AdWords specialists posses an unmatched and in-depth expertise for almost every industry including travel, finance, retail, e-commerce, B2B, food and restaurant, healthcare and many more.

We also have a robust, in-house Google AdWords management Process to ensure you get the best out of your AdWords campaign. Under this process, Intesols,:

  • Plans your campaigns around your business needs
  • Sticks to one goal per campaign
  • Splits each campaign into ad groups
  • Picks the right keywords
  • Writes targeted ads
  • Designs targeted ad copy
  • Integrates Google Analytics with Google AdWords
  • Installs conversion code
  • Manages negative keyword insertion

Benefits of our Google AdWords Management Service

  • Unlimited keywords
  • Pay only for clicks
  • Drive more customers to your Website
  • No more wasting money on inefficient ads
  • Improve your ROI and Increase profit
  • Generate leads and/or sales faster with Google AdWords
  • 100% Result Focused

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