Five Latest & Evolving Web Design Trends In Melbourne To Look For In 2015

Millions of websites, thousands of unique web design patterns, all with their own set of unique features, are sure to influence your web design philosophy, taking your thinking into a positive direction and refining your perception.

The W3C, once reluctant to accept new web standard, is also taking its turn in this direction, not only adopting them but also standardising these modern web design innovations, more than ever before. The active community participation, which is constantly escalating, increasing, and prospering these efforts, is driving the means of the constantly accepted design trends to be introduced to the masses.

Nonetheless, the year 2015 has so much to flourish the emerging web standards and design in 2014, further enhancing your web experience.

Ghost Buttons:

Just like the house in the movie, “Paranormal Activities”, ghosts have started to haunt the web too. Yes, we are talking about that minimal, stylish, and subtle animation that pops up with a hover just like the ghosts—except they are much more adorable.

Yes, they are not very 2015, but they pair pretty well with large background images and videos—something not very much seen in 2015.

Bigger Emphasis on Typography

Those beautiful fonts and typefaces though look very pleasing, but carry a huge budget that many small-time developers can’t afford. Well, not anymore, with Google Fonts (free) and reducing cost of premium fonts—the once deprived small developers’ community—will bring the best of typography skills and innovation—not seen before—into the web design tables in the year, 2015.

Scrolling Over Clicking

As the mobile web continues to grow and web design continues to skew in the direction of a more effective and enjoyable mobile experience, scrolling will continue to dominate clicking. It’s more intuitive, easier to do, cuts down on load times and allows for more dynamic interaction to take place between the user and the website.

Super Flat UI

A trend started by mobile OSs, Flat UIs are all set to enter the Web too, with a potential to become the primary style to Web Graphics design in 2015. Introduced with Apple’s iOS 7 update, this update surprised many iPhone users with a mix of cool and flat colours, creating a sense of accomplishment and purity. This UI philosophy can also bring the same magic to websites and web applications.

Even more Minimalism

“Nobody is perfect”, this phrase is applicable for the simplicity too, except in this case, it is the hardest to achieve. In a web design, a minimalistic approach requires to rethink the whole website experience—the drop down menus, the animations, the flow, navigation etc. – removing the confusions and extras, until the essential remains.

Go beyond traditionalism, kill the legacy and re-invent the very aspect of web design. Remember, minimalism leads to simplicity, which is hardest to achieve.


Parallax is an optical illusion that causes difference in the apparent position of an object when viewed along different lines of sight. A similar concept can be applied on websites too by replacing the line of sight with the mouse cursor, creating a Parallax effect or Parallax scrolling. Unlike, the other mentioned trends, the Parallax effect is still in early stage of development with a limited scope, and lots of possibilities to be harnessed in the year, 2015.

The scope will not be just limited to the one-page scrolling; rather it will be extended in 2015 to many websites in the form of single parallax images for arresting the attention to one object, at a time.

SVG Animation

Scalable Vector Graphics are making significant progresses, thanks to the newfound interest of professional web designers. Yes, SVG’s are widely scalable, small in size, but they were not popular until 2013. The newfound interest can be connected to the JavaScript libraries that are making the development easier and more efficient with SVGs.


No matter what we predict, there might be a very new trend in 2015, which we can’t even image right now. We are closely following the latest web design trends to be happened in 2015 and advice you to do the same. And if there is anything that we miss, you’re free to add in comments.


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