Online Reputation Management

Start Protecting Your Business From Fake and Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can send you scuttling in desperation to get these comments about your business removed as fast as possible. Online comments about your business are now the new word of mouth, and they can be published instantly and very quickly with only a Gmail account.

In many cases, a business owner may sometimes wonder, where you may have gone wrong with a client to receive a bad review. However, did you know many times disgruntled competitors or trolls place these comments?

Regardless of who it was, there is nothing that can be done when a bad review spread faster about your business online than one gold star with bad comments. Intesols protects untruthful customers, competitors and other sources of low-quality reviews.

Sources of Low-Quality Reviews


Your competitors are writing bad reviews about your business, snatching away your clients and ruining your online reputation.


At least 40% of internet traffic is non-human, and the number is rising. Bots are programmed to write random reviews to “develop” account maturity before being sold.

Untruthful Customers

Some customers use online reviews to get free services or massive discounts. The trend is only getting worse.

As per Review Trackers, 94% say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business. On the other hand, Moz says that companies risk losing as many as 22% of customers when just one negative article is found by users considering buying their product. Removing these is therefore important.

Customer Service Has Never Been More Important

It is essential how you deal with clients over the phone or at your place of business to avoid any negative comments.

Placing comments about your business is very quickly done on the Google My Business page or Facebook page. It can ultimately hurt your business as these comments or complaints are not regulated and cannot be removed every day by companies.

If you get any negative feedback about your business online, you must take action immediately to attempt to resolve business/client conflict.

This is where the role of reputation management service comes in. This helps restore your company reputation online conveniently.

We Can Help Remove Bad Comments Online

Our Reputation Management Services at Intesols can help remove any bad reviews and bring you peace of mind that your business is no longer suffering due to a bad client experience or fake comment left by a competitor online.

We act immediately by creating a reputation management strategy that is guaranteed to remove all negative links, comments, videos about your company. With Intesol’s reputation management services, you can:

  • Get all negative links and comments removed from social platforms.
  • Get all online complaints ethically removed from consumer boards.
  • Get negative and misleading google reviews removed instantly.
  • Get all harmful content removed from the search engine.
  • Get a productive and positive online brand reputation to improve ROI.

Working on these lines, our experts take a proactive ORM approach, rather than simply reacting and going for damage control as and when something harmful comes up. We make sure your target audience won’t come across any obstructive or harmful content.

What Platforms Can We Help Remove Your Negative Reputation?

Most common platforms that we can help remove harmful content from are:

  • Facebook

  • Google Search

  • Google Reviews

  • Bing

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • Product Review

  • TripAdvisor

We take quick action to restore your online reputation, thereby removing rocks along your journey of growth.

To help your business achieve heights, avail our online reputation Management service by giving us a call today.

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