Traditional SEO tips for small businesses

“Woo search engines”- the best marketing strategy for small businesses. When you go online with your business, it is very important to get better listings on the search engines and maintain the primary optimization rules. Here is a bit of help for SEO from Intesols.

 Sell your information wisely on web: Optimize your website with all the needed information of your business. Address, contact info, services you provide etc should be healthily optimized on every page of your site; which makes it easier for viewers. If possible, create a categorized website rather than going for a messy one. Search engines do not entertain messy websites and that could be a path down to black promotion. Think in the shoe of customers, and then build your site.

Ensure your listings on local sites: Confirm the listing of your business on local sites like Dexknows, facebook, Google etc with all the correct information. Update your information regularly to keep your site in check and optimized.

Connect with your customers: Google takes “REVIEWS” as their prime consideration. Always reply to your customer’s feedback and comments on your site. Let them feel your attention even on the web. This will eventually lead your site to a better review from customers.

Make media your media to promotions: Host and organise events every now and then to get engaged with the local population around and involve media to promote those events. Keep your customers updated with such events on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.

Use links strategically: Enhance all your business accounts with links placed relevantly. Share relevant links on your account for a better business and active scenario. You can also create a community including nearby business ventures and build healthy business with relationships.

These were some of the tips for small business owners launching on web. Stay tuned with us for more articles related to SEO!

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