Matt Cutts: Major Google SEO updates are on way!

SEO admins and search professionals, stay awake! You might notice another major Google SEO update being rolled out either this coming Friday (15th March) or on the next Monday (18th March)!

The announcement was made by Google’s head of the web spam team Matt Cutts at SMX West Conference.

Google panda update within few days!

Matt said that he and his team at Google are working on launching another update to Google’s Panda algorithm, and the update will be rolled out within few days. According to some resources at SMX West Conference, the update will be rolled out either on 15th March or 18th. The last panda update rolled out by Google was on January 22nd.

A penguin update too is on way! Apart from the panda update that is supposed to be rolled out within days, there are reports of another update being rolled out to Google’s penguin algorithm. Earlier last year, Google launched penguin update in April 2012. However, there are speculations on exact time of launch of the new penguin update but Matt Cutt said, they are working on launching new generation of Penguin.

Keep analysing your analytics

During these days, keep constant watch on your website analytics and keep analysing the traffic. If you notice any sudden surge or sudden dive in to your traffic, the panda update has affected your site.

He further announced that there will be a large penguin update in 2013 which would be one of the most talked Google algorithm updates. Matt added that he and his team at Google are working on major update to Penguin algorithm which will be very significant. Apart from speaking about Google panda and Google penguin updates, Matt Cutt also indicated that Google is planning to target more link networks in 2013.

SEO mistakes and penalty

With every panda and penguin updates, many websites are penalised because they are found of making mistakes and violating Google’s search engine optimisation guidelines. Make sure you know some of the most Common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them so that your site is not penalised when next Google update is launched!

Your thoughts

What do you think the proposed Google panda and Google penguin updates will be about? Do you think the next updates will push quality website further upwards in Google search engine? Do you think Google is really making web a better experience for both web owners and web users? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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