Google+ pages get total facelift, inches towards Facebook!

In an attempt towards making its social platform more visualised and interface oriented, Google rolled major updates to its social media platform Google+ profiles and pages.

The latest bunch of updates is said to be one of the biggest set of updates to Google+ so far. The updates from Google+ came just a day before its social media rival Facebook launched updated news feed on Thursday, March 7.

Lets take a glance over each of these updates Google+ rolled out:

Bigger Cover photos


The first point Google+ users will notice in this major update is the increasedsize of cover pgoto. The new update allows users to upload bigger cover photo with the dimension of 2120px by 1192px. This way users will have more room to express the visualised impact on their profile and pages.

A revamped about page


Google+ also revamped the design of user’s about page – a page where you can read basic information about the user. The new design is easily editable. The new design is split in blocks. Your work, education, circle and places you’ve lived information appears in separate blocks. This new change allows you to decide on who can see these blocks.

Reviews under Reviews tab


Another significant change Google+ made is the appearance of reviews posted by a user under separate reviews tab. From now onwards, reviews posted by a user on Google local will appear separately under a tab called Local Reviews.

Updated Hovercards


The Google+ hovercard also got some updates in terms of design and functionalities. The new hovercard has profile picture in the center of the cover photo and gives uers option to start hangout, send chat and send email directly from the hovercard.

Your thoughts

What do you think of these new changes? Is this the next level of the star wars on the cloud between Facebook and Google+? Do you thinkg Google+ will keep updating its social channel to match it with Facebook? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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