Five Tips to Optimise Your eCommerce for a Profitable Holiday Season 2014

With many retailers already announcing their Black Friday hours, the rush for this holiday shopping season is already building. This great shopping season which blasts from Black Friday to Christmas every year, is going to 26 days long this time.

However, no holiday season goes without pre-planning and strategising efforts. If you’re a buyer, you just need to keep the track of your favorite retailer offers and promotions.

However, if you’re an independent seller or a retailer, this is going to be the most challenging holiday season ever, and even more, if you’re lucky enough to be an online seller, God forbids, you are about to enter the biggest races ever witnessed before—better put your eCommerce store on adrenaline—get ready for insane demands.

Any online shopping rush can be hard to predict and manage, but there are many things we can learn from past events experience (past data for analysis), also there are universal rules that are always applicable. I have some of those tips.

1) The past years’ data

This is not the first holiday shopping season, which is online too. There are far more of them before, so are their data. Get your data miners, scientists, analytics or whatever you call them, put them on good use and make them get some essentials. Who knows that might be the key to your success this holiday season, anyways this data is going to be very beneficial and worth the time extracting.

2) Micro plan your marketing strategy

I know your marketing team would be ready with their axes and trout, ready to hit any possibility, finalizing–the marketing strategy–constantly tapping their iPads. However, remember only a single marketing plan doesn’t work during such shopping sprees. Don’t end up being a failure, when you could be a hero, if something goes wrong always have an alternate marketing plan ready to be executed.

3) Be Mobile

In addition to normal mobile addicts who are constantly holding their latest Apples, there will be many more people on their way home or out using their smartphones during this holiday season, and with inflight mobile usage recently being permitted, this figure is only going to rise further. What if somebody wants to buy something in middle of his/her flight; are you going to ignore him/her? OR?
If you don’t have a m-commerce site get one; if you have, optimize it; and if you have an app, specifically update it for this shopping season—this will also helpful for marketing.

4) Identify your high- and low-CLV customers

Unless you’re new to eCommerce store, you would be having enough data to analyze. Go through it, and identify your high- and low-Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) customers. This will enable you to scrutinize your marketing efforts also your profit margin. Analyze your customers’ social, behavioral, transactional, and demographic data to understand their shopping tendencies and predict their likelihood to purchase.

5) Stick to your business values

The problem with many online retailer is this that they tend to mitigate from their core business values and parameters, as soon as a rush they have not seen before, arrives. Holiday seasons keep will coming, but not your business, always remember there will be far more people this holiday shopping season that’ll be shopping on your website than ever before. To retain as many of them, you need to build reputation with them as an online retailer. If you have always been giving free shipping, keep it up; if you deliver in 2 days then stick to it and last but not the least don’t let your audience heard that you’re on panic mode—even if you are.

Start now to ensure your eCommerce store rocks this holiday season. Intesol’s team is always happy to help you achieve your business goals, offering smarter Solutions for smarter businesses.

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