Does Responsive Website Design Improve Ranking?

Last few months have been quite happening. Google has rolled out many updates recently and these updates are being talked about a lot nowadays. While some are interested in knowing more about these updates, some have questions in their mind. One of the most commonly asked questions is: Does Responsive Website Design Improve Ranking? Let’s find out.

In previous posts we have discussed What is Responsive Website Design and the ‘Benefits of Responsive Website Design‘, let’s move on to the big question.

Why Does Google Emphasise on Mobile Website Design?

In order to get the answer to the question, we first need to delve deep into why does google emphasise on mobile website design? The answer is plain as the nose on your face: Better viewing experience. Google always thinks from user’s point of view. Google search algorithm always intends to return the best results to the user’s search. Here best results include, relevant and accurate information (content rich websites), easy navigation, good readability, and websites that take less time to load. All of this ensures good browsing experience. As long as Google is able to provide the user what s/he is looking for, it is content. But the question still needs to be answered.

Does Responsive Website Design Improve Ranking?

Yes, mobile website design has a say in it. Google’s algorithm has been amended to comply with good user experience. It includes average time spent on site, social shares, low bounce rate etc. If all of this in place, Google is sure to reward those websites with higher SERP. So if a website gives a good user experience whether he is browsing it on a desktop, tablet, mobile phone, iPhone, iPad or a Laptop, it is sure to get better in terms of organic ranking. So whenever you create a new website, you should refer to the Key Points to remember while creating Responsive Website Design.

Cost of not going for Responsive Web Design

If there are benefits of choosing Responsive Web Design for your business website, there are pitfalls too of not choosing Responsive Web Design. First of all, those who surf web on mobile and smartphones will not come to your site if it is not mobile and tablet friendly website. Second, Google will also not show up your mobile in search made by mobile, smartphone and tablet users, third and major pitfall, as most smartphone users constantly look for nearby business centre on their mobile devices, your site will have an exclusion from the list of local business places on their mobile devices and mobile apps if it is not mobile friendly. This may cost you directly loosing your prospectus customers.

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