4 tips on using Google+ to increase your Search Engine Rankings

Google+ is now quickly emerging as a robust digital marketing platform for businesses around the world. From giant multinational brands to small and local businesses, Google+ has become a major marketing tool apart from Facebook. The biggest driving force in popularity of this Google+ is its feature of Google+ pages for businesses.

Many companies are now actively using Google+ pages for Business for their marketing activities in a similar way that they do on Facebook pages i.e. sharing content, growing fan base, advertising their products and services, closing leads and providing online customer support. But for many others, Google+ Pages for Business is still a new thing to learn.

If you too are one of those newbies who is trying to learn how to use Google+ for business, here is useful tips for you!

Google+ is from the House of Google: The King of Search EnginesAlthough there are many reasons on why you should market your business on Google+, one of the most important reasons is the fact that Google+ a platform owned by Google; the king of search engines. And what more beneficial for your business would be than using Google’s own platform to rank well on Google. So let’s start collecting some tips now!

1. Get a Google+ Page

Using Google+ as a social media marketing tool is very easy. Just like Facebook business pages, you can create company page on Google+. The page feature is known as Google+ Pages for Business. Create your page, fill business profile, add pictures, vidoes and start connecting with people by following them and getting back followed by them. To create a page on Google+, you will need to have a personal profile on Google+, click here to create your profile on Google+ (you’ll need to use your Gmail id to create Google+ profile). Once you have created profile, update it with your relevant bio data and other information. Once it is done, now is time to Google+ page for your business, click here to create your Google+ pages for Business.

2. Follow and get followed: Key to success!

Created your page on Google+? Good, but that’s not the start of the success. Your real task starts now. Find and follow people who share similar interest that of your business do. Just like facebook fans and twitter followers, your fans and followers in Google+ are known as your circles. Connect with your peers and start following them on Google+, but remember to follow people you find useful for your business. Then get them follow your business page.

Always remember to use Google+ as your page and not as your profile. There is a lot of difference between profile and page: A Google+ profile is what you use for yourself, as an individual. It is in no way meant to use as direct business marketing. You will always need to switch to company page to use your Google+ business page for your company’s marketing activities.

3. Use keywords in profiles and posts

While you are updating your Google+ page for your business, remember to use keywords in relevant segments like company bio, descriptions, product and service information etc. It is always good to use limited number of keywords that are highly relevant for your business in your Google+ business page profile.

One unique and major feature Google+ gives you is use of relevant keywords in both profiles and posts. Just like you used keywords in your business page’s profile, you should also use keywords in your postings. Just like you post on facebook, you are supposed and allowed to post on Google+ page too. So don’t leave your company page just with followers and your profile information, start posting useful content, information, product reviews and everything else that you do on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But always use relevant keywords in your postings.

Why keywords in posting?While you are reading this, you might be surprise on why to use keywords in Google+ postings. Well, here is a simple explanation: Google+ is a social media platform now integrated with Google search. This means that content you post on Google+ can be crawled by Google search engine and can be found in SERP while relevant keyword is search in Google search engine. This gives company a big, very big advantage: You just have to use keywords in posting, and visitors will find your Google+ page in search result and thus will come to your company’s page even if they don’t know your company page’s name or url.

4. Use +1 Button, ask people to give +1 to your content.

Well, here is the big tip! Now you have started posting and sharing content on Google+, it is time to use inbuilt tools to spread your content and to widen your reach on the web. And believe me, that’s simple! You will just need to integrate Google’s +1 button into your website and blog. There are varieties of +1 buttons to be used on website and different blog platforms. Click here to learn how to create a +1 button for your web and blog.

Once you have created and integrated +1 button for web and blog, start asking people to share useful content with their circles. Let them know and that they can share your content with their circle – encourage them to share your content.

You can use +1 button in Email signature as well so that content you send in email can be shared via email too! There are many third-party apps that allows you to crate customised email signature with your social media links. One such popular tool is WiseStamp.

Learning is never a destination, it is always a journey, so keep learning new techniques! If you want to stay updated, keep reading our blogs, we post latest social media tips and SEO tips for businesses.

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