What to expect from Facebook’s tomorrow’s new news feed launch

The much hyped and long waited day is just about to come.

The eagerness of Facebook users,social media marketers and bloggers will end tomorrow when Facebook will launch new look for its news feed at its Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters.

What to expect from tomorrow’s event:

One of the most expected feature in the new news feed is that the content you see in your newsfeed might be displayed under separate blocks based on content type. That means there mightbe separate feed for image feeds, text feeds, music feeds and video feeds. And then a user canswitch from one feed type to another using the button at top side.

The rumored music feed will have two types of music feeds: One will have content about latestand nearby music concerts and news from musicians (you liked) and the other one will havecontent about music your friends are listening to.

The Big Question

Amid many rumors on what will Facebook give its users in new news feed design, there is abig question among most Facebook users and it is: Will Facebook give users ability to hide/remove page ads that users are seeing in their news feeds? Most users are left with no answerand no assumption on this as the Facebook ads are primary revenue generation tool for thesocial media giant.

So let us wait and watch Facebook unveiling new look for News Feed, we will get updates toyou as and when they happen. Till then, keep in touch!

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