Facebook to unveil new look of its news feed on March 7

In a move that involves major overhaul of it’s one of three pillars, Facebook Inc. is all set to go for another mega event of the year.

The social media giant Facebook Inc., sent out invitation to selected media representatives and invited them to its Menlo Park, Calf. Headquarters on Thursday, March 7. Facebook officials started sending out invitations to selected media representatives and asked them to Come and See a new look for News feed.

Unveiling new look of its newsfeed is the second big public/media event this year for Facebook Inc. Before this, earlier this year, (in mid January) Facebook sent out invitation to some media representatives with tagline Come and See what we’re building. Following the invitation, Facebook unveiled Facebook Graph Search in the media event.

News feed – one of Facebook’s three pillars

The news feed, as Mark Zuckerberg calls it is one of three pillars of Facebook. The two others are: Facebook Timeline (Profile) and the Graph Search.

Change is necessary

Facebook kept rolling out minor to major updates to its social networking platform in recent months. From Timeline last year to Graph Search in January and from new privacy setting to sound notification, Facebook witnessed continuous updates in one or other form but the newsefeed stood out of the overhaul process till date and hasn’t seen any update since September 2011 when Mark Zuckerberg rolled out update to newsfeed so this is probably good time for Facebook to give an update to its one of three pillars!

The assumptions and the expectations

Since this newsfeed overhaul is the first update to itself since Facebook’s IPO, it is expected that it will be a major revamp. Technology experts, bloggers and even Facebook users have started whispering about what the update would be. Majority of people assume the update to be a ‘Major Update’. Whatever it will be, users are expecting a lot from Zuck this time with most of them wanting the unwanted ads in their newsfeed to be removed.

Let us see how Facebook will be using the momentum it created at the launch of Graph Search. The update might also trigger another way to make Facebook more business/marketing oriented.

We will keep you updated with the updates and will get the full details of the new look as soon as Facebook unveils it on the event day, till then, stay connected!

Your thoughts

Will the new newsfeed more user oriented or marketers oriented? Let us know your thought and opinion in the comment box below.

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