Want your customers to cash their chips? Follow these 5 killer tips

You might be doing well with the physical store, but ever thought an e-commerce store can cut the mustard of your sales record? You can actually have best of both the worlds where you can convert the search-engine users to your customers.

Mobile is no doubt taking central stage with the online marketing and sales, the best advise we can give you to increase online sales is to make your eCommerce store responsive to pull maximum traffic but apart from this, make sure to check out these 5 killer; not less than pillar tips to optimize your e-commerce store:

1. Invade with an image upgrade:

A picture speaks thousand words to both- to a literate and an illiterate. A recent study showed that larger images can increase e-commerce sales by up to 9%.

You can let the designers exercise their creativity and let them play with the images in respect to its sizes or quality or may be quantity. Having multiple images for one product always help the shoppers to grasp whole nine yards about a product. Don’t mess up the outlook with too many ideas but instead maintain consistency throughout similar backgrounds, angles and picture sizes.

Nevertheless, hit the right nail using the right keywords making the search engine track the text and say what the image is all about.

2. Have your say with word play:

Don’t necessarily target the search engines as the users are at the bulls-eye. Hence, you can make use of minimum keywords at the right spot; for example- in the page’s title tags or META description.

Or once in a blue moon for an extra-ordinary product, you can use some creative and catchy title that conceals the identity of the product. This way you can kill the two birds with one stone since users are intrigued.

As a rule of thumb, be frank and engage the shopper without babbling.

3. Real appeal is the deal:

Shoppers often take descriptions with a pinch of salt. Considering this sensitive concept, add real reviews and testimonials from existing customers. It creates a belief on social proof, pyramiding the buyer’s level of trust on the product as well as your store as whole.

4. Show your wares with care:

No doubt the core aim is to sell. However, don’t garish too much with additional offers and links as you’d end up losing customers. It actually distracts the focus of the shopper on the product. Cross-selling is recommended but with moderation. Don’t fill with the bitter pill i.e. don’t over-crowd the space that you have.

5. Go an extra mile with high style:

A bit much of bettering enhances interaction and work wonders for the conversion rates. By consolidating extra features like product videos, 360 degree interactive images and stock notification features; convinces the shoppers a big time. Shoppers are on the ball thinking you dedicating an effort to add a personal touch to your merchandise.

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