Tips to make your website INTERACTIVE

We feel ourselves engaged in something only when it’s interesting or informative. We at Intesols, follow this concept and likewise design interactive websites that keenly engages the users compelling them to do what they are meant to do. We strive to let the users experience a seamless performance of the website. Below are few tips and tricks that we personally abide by:

1. Not everybody understands the language of creativity.

There are number of users who access the internet including average and above average in terms of intellect level. It’s not that you restrict the designers to exercise their creativity, but at the same time it is advisable to be watchful for the same. Sticking to the basic, simple and plain design concept is the classic idea.

2. Display limited content on the home-page.

Don’t overload information all on the home-page, instead keep it concise and to the point; leaving room for users to understand. Avoid unnecessary distraction on the home page as first impression is the last impression.

3. Don’t use common and repetitive terms.

It is kind of boring to go through a website that has repetitive and usual terms. It becomes very chaotic for a user since every website has to follow the same rules and regulations. Design it in a way that it exceptionally stands out from the rest.

4. Bold the highlights and important headings.

Make it easy for the users by making them focus on the most important content on the page. You can use the bold or italic feature to enhance the focused content.

5. Make simple yet smart navigation.

Don’t ever make users scroll for long hours on the same page through the endless texts. Follow the trick of inter-linking pages where it becomes convenient for them to straight away go to the directed page. Build inter-links with proper keywords target.

And of course, there are benefits of integrating social media with website design so don’t forget to integrate social media with your website design to give it maximum exposure on the web sphere!

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