SEO experts: Discard unhealthy link building techniques

There was a lull in link building techniques a while back but with Google Penguin 2.0 update this form of SEO services in Melbourne are back into action.

Companies are thriving to develop high end traffic through link building services but there is a word of caution here. Instead of flood of links, quality links should be build. The approach towards link building plays a big part here.

Link building techniques which need to be discarded are as follows:

Say NO to unrelated link building: There is a trend of building bulk links which needs to be stopped. It’s the quality and not the quantity of links which matter in the long run. Building unrelated links should be avoided and audiences should be given things which are related to them. So, providers of SEO services in Melbourne should rely on high quality link building.

Quick link building: Now when you jump from few hundred links to thousands of links in a short span of time, it is considered as spamming. If you build bulk links in ‘no time’ it suggests that you are practising link farming or are paying for the links. So, don’t fall in the trap of quick link building instead bring traffic that is business oriented and result in permanent customers.

Exaggeration of keyword anchor text: It has been a healthy SEO standard to give links to pages giving exact details of the hyper linked keywords. But those who practice unnatural SEO services in Melbournehave exploited this method by linking priority keywords N number of times. The correct approach is to properly link the keyword anchor text without exaggeration of any sort.

Too much focus on followed links: It is a myth that ‘no follow’ links earn least value for the site. Categorically speaking social media links inserted in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are ‘no follow’ but earn high repute and high quality traffic. You can actually get customers and business associates through these links. So, focus on links that earn high value and clients.

Keep in check the above mentioned link building flaws as suggested by SEO experts at Intesols and improve your search engine rankings. It’s our word that once you get rid of these link building errors, you will surely earn brownie points from all search engines!!

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