More tips on effective SEO from Google’s chief technology advocate

In the last post, we shared some of the most useful SEO tips by Michael Jones, Google’s chief technology advocate. This time we are sharing some more of his ‘to the point’ and precious tips to aid in enhancing the quality of SEO.

The tips can give a new dimension to the practice of SEO in Australia. Michael Jones revealed Google’s ‘mind set’ about search engine friendly websites.

Let’s glance through some of his valuable tips.

The ‘on screen presence’ of website: According to Google, the websites should serve the purpose they are made for. They should be designed from the end user’s perspective. Michael’s recommendation is to get an insight from Google’s analytics to find the kind of people landing on your site and correspondingly improve the design. As an example he suggested that if the users are coming from mobile devices, your site must be responsive to serve those people. Thus, design plays a vital role so pay stress on effective web design.

Priority to information: In the words of Jones, “You should have the reason why people would come inside on the front page.” In simpler terms he hints an easy navigation and priority to the most significant information on the first page. He exemplified by saying that for an eCommerce portal the link to ‘click to buy’ should be in the visibility of the user such that you can convert a lead into customer in shortest span of time. Companies offering web design and SEO in Australia can put the enquiry form and query section in the visibility realm of users to get better ranking on SERP.

Prioritise online public relations: In accordance with Jones, for giving ranking search engines rely on the online reputation of the companies. With the user getting mobile friendly they post immediate comments, Facebook likes and reviews about the services of shopping portals, restaurants etc. Thus, one can maintain cordial online public relations to grab more customers plus rank on the SERP. This makes us realise that SEO in Australia should focus on effective communication between the clients and websites.

Timely updates: Since the mobile users can get all the updates and offers at that very moment, its good if the site gives frequent insights about the latest offers, availability of products, seats etc. This method of instant communication plus information flow aids in strong client-supplier relations earning you better customer reviews and thus higher ranking on search engines. SEO in Australia must take care of this aspect while optimising the site.

Be ‘on board’ the search engines: The suggestion of Jones for the companies which doesn’t need a website is that they should be in the sight of the search engines so that they can be listed if a user searches for them or for a relative search also. This can be done by being in the listing of Google Maps such that the crawlers can easily find you when you are searched for.

These very important tips can be easily implemented by firms serving SEO in Australia to get high end results. So, now you have every thing straight from the desk of Google. I hope these tips help you score high on the SERP ladder. Best of Luck!!

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