Tips for making SEO friendly site straight from the desk of Google

Google’s chief technology advocate Michael Jones gave some tips to make Google friendly sites just before his visit to Australia. Coming straight from the desk of Google, these tips can help firms to perform better SEO in Melbourne. Jones shared Google’s perception of optimal sites.

Some of the tips shared by Michael Jones are as follows:

1) Popularity of content: First thing he talked about was the popularity of content. Consider the reasons while someone would drop on your site and buy stuff from there? For that the site should be refreshed with good, novel, simplified content which can be unanimously understood. Giving the example of a florist shop he suggested that by sharing a fresh tip on floristry everyday, one can increase the popularity of readers and visitors. So, the most important part is creation of useful and popular content. This tip would certainly benefit professionals serving SEO in Melbourne.

2) Say NO to excessive keywords: Jones said Google and other search engines are smart enough to know the details of a website without being told through keywords. Its more significant to create a good website rather than stuffing it with keywords. Companies providing SEO in Melbourne, can take care of designing proper, to the point websites rather than one which would impress search engines. Any ways, you will never know what Google would roll out next so, better focus on a finer website.

3) Fast Loading: A website should be completely user friendly. If it takes long to load then the user loses interest. According to Jones, Google started punishing websites by giving them low ranking if they load slowly. Thus, a tip for firms offering SEO in Melbourne is that they should design sites which load faster on servers.

4) Localisation helps: Make SEO in Melbourne localised for sites to get easily noticed by Google. Michael Jones suggested that Australian based websites with domain extensions of ‘’ would be searched faster by Google when any search pertains to Australia. This way the search becomes specific and website gets easily crawled. Thus, localisation helps get better rankings on the SERP ladder.

5) Online customer review: Jones stated that “The big news about local searching is trying to get information from customers about businesses and guide future customers about those same businesses.” Thus, getting good customer reviews would benefit ranking of your website. So, the crux of the matter is to make the site user friendly and not search engine friendly. Companies serving SEO in Melbourne can keep this point in mind to have a strong position on the SERP ladder.

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