Local SEO v/s National SEO: Difference and Importance you need to know

With robust mobile users growth in Australia, more and more businesses are focusing on local SEO and with higher number of businesses implementing local SEO strategies to attract and attain local customers, local SEO is taking over the generic and traditional form of Search Engine Optimsation known as National SEO.

If you are one of the many local business owners who want to rank better on local map, here are some useful tips for Local SEO and improving your local search result!

Local SEO is for businesses focusing on local customers

Many people believe that Local SEO is the need of only small and local businesses having a very small customer reach. This is just a myth or misconception! Local SEO is useful (and extremely important) for even large businesses having local stores to attract local customers. For example, a multi national food chain having local food centers in multiple cities need to focus on local SEO for each of its local store.

How is Local SEO different from National SEO?

Local Listing: Most of the elements of local SEO are derived from national SEO. A major difference between local and national SEO is the creation of and claiming a local profile/place on Google maps/Google places. Another major difference is local SEO also focuses on local niche/business directories including many popular local search directories such as yelp. This is also known as local listing.

Citation: Another major difference is citation. A citation is an online place/entry that shows your business NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) as your local listing.

For any local business, customer review is the word of mouth advertising! Higher the number of reviews, more the advertising and exposure for local business! Google has been focusing more and more on reviews (both positive and negative) to rank google place and google plus pages in its local search results.

Local SEO is purely about attracting and attaining local customers while national SEO is about spreading business reach across the web irrespective of local horizons.

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