The ‘must haves’ of SEO friendly blogs

As it is well known that blogs are the best mode of interaction with visitors and search engines, your business website can become an ideal resource for information exchange.

For keeping website fresh and search engine friendly, some simple yet relevant tips prove very beneficial. Any and every SEO company in Melbourne can use these tips to create highly effective blogs.

Following tips for creating SEO specific blogs:

SEO friendly title: The title of the blog can play a crucial role in attracting search engine crawlers. As expected it must give the essence of the blog and at the same time snatch some attention of the search engines. You can check the researched keywords and Google search tab to find what people are searching for and make sure your title hints to the answer of these searches.

Image tags: There are two types of visitors – one who like to read the blog for information and other who glance through images and if they like the image they would give an eye to the content also. For the non readers, images are the best attraction. Although search engines can’t see the images they can catch the tags associated with it. So, experts at SEO company in Melbourne suggest to always include an image in the blog post.

Play with links: Search engine crawlers keep jumping from one link to another. To tell them more about who you are or what you want to offer or in-depth knowledge of the topic, add links in the blog post. These links can play a big part in the internal linking structure of the site and encourage readers to stay on the site for longer time. This helps in gaining more traffic and by giving an entry point to the site and then the links would engage the visitors and the search engines.

These tips would help engage the search engines and the readers to be connected with your blog. Suggested by experts of a renowned SEO company in Melbourne, these tips are tried and tested to give mind blowing results in terms of traffic and rankings! If you want more, here are some other tips for better Search Engine Optimization for your Blog! For more on content optimisation, keep reading!!

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