Facebook Mystery Event: CEO Mark Zuckerberg promises BIG SURPIRSE!

On 15th January 2013, tuesday morning, a speculated and mystery event at Facebook HQ at Menlo Park in California, will be held with a major press conference where hundreds of international media persons will be covering what Facebook will uncover!

The CEO’s Promise

The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised to give a big surprise to investors and users of Facebook while social media experts, bloggers and media men try to figure out what that BIG SURPRISE will be! And as Tuesday comes closer, the rumors are gaining ground where some says it will come up with its first ever Smartphone while some claims it to be a messenger app for the Facebook for iPad app.

Some bloggers and social media analysts have also tweeted about it being a long waited and much hyped Search Engine which is claimed to be Facebook’s own search engine to counterattack search engine leader Google.

Come and see what we’re building!

Facebook had earlier last week, sent invitations to selected media with tagline “Come and see what we’re building!” While these all selected and other media and social media persons try to figure out what this event will be about. Leading blogging and technology media sites like TechCrunch, Mashable and ReadWriteWeb have all expressed their thoughts and guesses about the surprise but are still not sure on what that big surprise will be!

Stay connected to stay updated!

While the world waits and watches eagerly for the BIG SURPRISE from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, you must also be keen to know what Facebook unveils at the Mystery Event! Well, don’t worry, we will cover the event for you and will bring the Facebook’s latest announcement to you, stay tuned!

Your guesses!

What do you think, what will come out of the Zuck’s mind? Will it be a Facebook phone? Or the long waited, new facebook timeline design? Facebook Search Engine? Instgram for video sharing or something else? Pen down your guesses in comment box below!

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