Expert tips on eCommerce stores for the year 2013!

If you have an eCommerce store selling high quality goods then expanding your business in 2013 can be as easy as a pie.

All you need to do is pay attention to few tips and be smart by applying tricks to gain a whopping business. Its only a matter of paying attention on the market trends and applying what suits your online store.

Experts suggest following time tested tips for eCommerce for the year 2013:

Uncluttered, fast loading web design: The eCommerce store should look fresh with detailed information about the products. Be wise about the design, it should not look like an over stuffed basket. Rather it should be user friendly, easy to navigate and fast loading. Because of too many images if the site loads haltingly the user loses interest and moves on to another site.

Go for Unified branding: The purpose of unified branding is to create an emotional impression of your store by creating a unique design, logo and caption. The message can be conveyed in a short, crisp manner plus form a direct connection with the customer. This would establish a brand out of your eCommerce store. Best examples of unified branding are Nike logo which has become second image of the company.

Organic content: Search engines are content oriented rather than product oriented. Thus, you need to update the site with relevant, organic content. Keep a check on the mantra of ‘zero duplication’ of content. This will increase possibility of high ranking on SERP.

Be mobile friendly: The world is switching to nano technology. The post PC era is gradually drifting towards tablets, PDAs and smartphones. Your eCommerce store can reach to a wider audience once you make it mobile. Make responsive website so that it gets loaded on all types of mobile devices. This will give you an edge as far as traffic pulling is concerned.

Go for cloud computing: Cloud computing consists of keeping the data on an Internet cloud which is hosted on specific bandwidth. Instead of a dedicated server the cloud benefits by giving data on demand at pay-per-use basis. This saves on your pocket when there is less traffic on your eCommerce store. So, cloud computing is faster and cheaper method of data hosting and transfer.

Focus on diverse social media: Once you are done with setting up the responsive store using cloud technology, the marketing part comes into picture. Market your eCommerce store on diverse social media like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr apart from the obvious sites like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest in particular is an image sharing social media site aiding in product showcasing on a larger spectrum.

Avoid over optimisation: As far as Internet marketing is concerned, experts suggest to avoid over optimisation. Search engines have a mood of convicting the sites which are ‘all over the place’. So, be genuine while marketing your eCommerce store.

These points when kept in mind can definitely earn an overwhelming business for your web store in 2013.

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