eCommerce stores would cross trillion dollar mark in 2013 – Trade experts

The boom of eCommerce is inflating with each passing day! Being the hottest thing on the internet, this form of trading envelops the whole globe.

Going beyond boundaries, eCommerce stores have created a revolution by capturing masses in the shortest time span. Every body shows an affinity towards ‘click, order and get the product’ theory of shopping.

The success of eCommerce stores can be estimated by the fact that these online stores would be crossing trillion dollar mark in this year. Growing at an exponential rate, eCommerce is showcasing new trends.

Let’s have a look at the upcoming trends in the eCommerce market:

Touch and Order: The mobile market is heading the touch way with the flood of touch enabled mobile devices. To suffice the need of the hour, eCommerce stores and websites are made to be responsive in nature. This way customers can order products through their smartphones, tablets and PDAs thus increasing the volume of sales.

Online version of local stores: Many brick and mortar stores are going the eCommerce way by creating websites offering online services. This can benefit the regular customers as they can leverage the facility of online shopping. The biggest advantage of going online is customer retention which results in good sales and high revenue.

Increase in Niche stores: Instead of browsing through thousand products in general eCommerce store, clients can check selective products in niche web stores. These stores are gaining popularity for providing specific products and thus minimising searches and augmenting sales.

Social media marketing: eCommerce stores highly depend on social media marketing. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have become a perfect ground for gaining customer attention. Through social media, online businesses get leads which can be converted to avid customers. This form of media marketing booms the sales and thus the revenue.

Product display through video: Products details given through high quality video entice more customers. The reason to switch to video from images is that the viewer gets better feel of the product resulting in faster decision making and eventually increase in sales.

According to trade experts the above mentioned trends would play a pioneering role in increasing the revenue of online businesses. With all these factors in place, eCommerce stores would easily cross trillion dollar mark!

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