Facebook revenue boosted by 40% with its launch on mobile devices

The social media giant Facebook reportedly grew by 40% in revenue as per its financial reports of the fourth quarter declared on 30th Jan 2013.

From MENLO PARK, California Mark Zuckerberg declared “In 2012, we connected over a billion people and became a mobile company”. With an increase in revenue of 40% the company shows an exponential growth.

Facebook became mobile in 2012 and earned a huge part of the revenue (nearly 23%) through mobile advertisements. With 680 million MAU (Monthly Active Users), there is 57% growth in the number of mobile Facebook users. This gigantic figure shows the popularity of Facebook amongst mobile users. Moreover, mobile DAU (Daily Active Users) eclipsed web users for the first time in the last quarter of 2012.

The revenue of fourth quarter totalled to $1.585 billion when compared to $1.13 billion of last year. With this remarkable financial year, Facebook went on to become champion of social media sites. The credit of Facebook’s inflating success goes to its access through the mobile devices. Facebook went mobile in June’12 and this step proved to be an instant hit with more than expected revenue in the fourth quarter.

Apart from the revenue, Facebook is splashing on expenses as well. There is 67% increase in costs and expenses in the year 2012. Totalling to $849 million, the expense cost report raised many eye brows and rolled many eyes. Trade analysts claim that Mark Zuckerberg would go places while going on mobile. Operations cost reduced to 46% from last year’s 55% paving way to more profits. The company claims high Return on Investment in the coming future as well.

To sum up, Facebook’s fourth quarter revenue shows an overwhelming growth with due credits going to mobile market. Everyone can hook up to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and PDAs and access Fecebook in no time. On the other hand, this step pushes mobile website design companies to build social media extensions. This step towards ‘mobility’ added fuel to the wild fire of popularity of Facebook. This way, Facebook Inc. truly proves its dominance in social media!

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