Facebook goes for major revamp! Redesigns privacy settings and activity log!

The social media giant, Facebook has just shared a sneak peek of how its new (upcoming) privacy setting and the new menu will look like.

It is to be noted that Facebook is not just revamping its privacy setting and menu options but is also working on altering few features including photo tagging remove request, better activity log and vanished profile search option in Facebook search bar. Let’s take glimpse at a glance!

A glimpse at a glance of Facebook’s new privacy setting!


The redesigned privacy menu which will be called Privacy Shortcut will have all the privacy setting under one block against separate blocks in the current privacy setting. This new privacy setting will be implemented from Wednesday through the end of the year. And there is a new tag removal request tool!

And there is a new tag removal request tool!

In its major revamp, Facebook will also be introducing a new tag removal request tool which will help you ask your friend or whoever uploaded photos and tagged you to delete them. While you choose to untag yourself from the photos, you will see a notice saying: “Remember: these photos still appear in news feed, search and other places on Facebook” which means even though you are untagged from photos; photos might be visible in news feed of users, searches and elsewhere on Facebook. However, you will also be given an option to ask the owner(s) of the photos to delete the photos and take it off the Facebook.

Activity log will be much better, bigger and clearer!

Facebook’s another major revamp will be with the activity log which will enable users to see where their data, photos and other information spreads across the Facebook’s social graph:

Change in Facebook apps permission requests!

Apart from these changes, Facebook will come up with changes in the way Facebook apps ask for permissions. With this update, Facebook apps will have to make two separate request of access to your personal info and post to your account.

An UNLIKED change

Although these new updates will provide its users with better ease of access, one change might frustrate its users, and it is elimination of a user’s ability to hide himself/herself from Facebook search.

Official Facebook Press Release!

If you want to read Facebook’s official press release on these changes, click here!

How do you feel with these new changes? Do you think removing the ability of hiding yourself from Facebook search is really what Facebook shouldn’t? Share your opinion in the comment box below!

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