Baidu Search Engine Optimisation


When the world is dominated by the powerful Google, there is just one search engine when it comes to China – Baidu. Baidu dominates the search market in China by brilliantly combining government restrictions, language skills, and local knowledge. Baidu is the inevitable choice for more than half a billion Chinese population who rely on internet searches for day to day activities.

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Facts and History of Baidu:

  1. It was launched in 2000 in Beijing by Robin Li
  2. Baidu (百度) is inspired by a Song Dynasty poem, a term meaning “a persistent search for the ideal”
  3. Following Google’s exit from the Chinese market in 2010 due to censorship issues, Baidu has 80% share in
  4. China’s search engine market
  5. Baidu reportedly handles more than 3.3 billion queries/day
  6. According to statistics, mobile searches contribute to the maximum revenue generation for Baidu

With SEO nearly becoming the center of online accessibility for a majority of businesses, Baidu needs a different approach in comparison to other popular search engine giants like Google and Yahoo! Optimising the websites in the case of Baidu needs different SEO practices. At Intesols, we also specialise in Baidu Search Engine Optimisation and help our clients gain higher ranking in the Chinese digital market. Our experts know the best techniques and strategies to provide a significant rise in search engine rankings for your business.

How we Optimise Websites for Chinese Target Audience using Baidu:

  1. Use of specific keywords – In simplified Chinese
  2. Local hosting – According to the Chinese legislation, rules and regulations
  3. Chinese social networking platforms – Use of best Chinese digital marketing strategies with Sina Weibo, Baidu Tieba, Baidu Baike, Baidu Zhidao
  4. Technical expertise – Load speed, multiple domains, Baidu Webmaster Tools package, JavaScript and Flash player are not recognised by Baidu
  5. Content – Local language, meta-tags, anchor text, keywords, new and unique content
  6. Link Building – Number and quality of backlinks, both are important

Baidu Search Engine Optimisation has a uniquely challenging environment which includes cultural differences, language expertise, legal implications, technical considerations, different user behavior and most importantly, the censorship. If you want your business to benefit from our Baidu SEO experts, call us now (03) 9553 2824.

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