Functional testing

Functional Testing for Assured Software Quality

We provide effective functional testing services with industry-standard testing techniques, tools and methodologies to make sure your final software product behaves as expected.

Testing Beyond User Experience For Optimal Functionality

Functional testing is arguably the most crucial aspect of application development, which verifies that each function of the software application is doing exactly what it is designed to.

At Intesols, our team of functional test experts focus on testing applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user acceptance for seamless and optimal functionality. Our functional testing services are based on three pillars:

  • Building a unified process
  • Ensuring consistent quality
  • Improved go-to-market parameters

We develop a robust procedure that includes assessing the quality of your application at each stage of your software development lifecycle to ensure the functional issues are identified before it reaches the end users.

Why Functional Testing is Required

Functional testing is required for several reasons:

  • To ensure that the software acts as per expectations under different conditions and scenarios.
  • To identify defects or issues related to the functionality of the software.
  • To verify the reliability and stability of the software application, including its user interface, data manipulation and integration with other systems.
  • To validate that the software performs the intended functions efficiently and effectively.
  • To comply with regulatory and industry standards.
  • To improve customer satisfaction by delivering quality software that meets their needs and expectations.

Intesol's Functional Test Approach

Here’s an overview of how our functional testing works:


Requirement Analysis

Our team closely analyses the requirements and identifies the functions that must be tested.


Test Planning

Detailed test planning is created according to the requirements of the project, which include the objectives, scope, approach and resources required for the testing.


Test Case Design

Our team closely analyses the requirements and identifies the functions that must be tested.


Test Environment Setup

We set up software and network configurations based on the project demands.


Test Execution

We execute the designed test cases and compare the actual results with the expected results.


Report Defects

If any defects are identified, they are reported to the development team to investigate and resolve.



Our QA team rechecks all the defects, ensuring that the fixes have been implemented correctly and the system behaves as expected.


Regression Testing

Finally, we update and perform a regression testing cycle, ensuring changes made to fix defects do not impact the system’s existing functionality.

Why Choose Us For Functional Testing

For over a decade, Intesols has been providing comprehensive service. Here’s why you need us:

  • Expertise in functional testing
  • Experience across industries
  • Customised testing solutions
  • Agile testing methodology
  • Certified testing professionals
  • Advanced testing tools and technologies
  • Cost-effective testing services
  • Timely and reliable delivery

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