Your SMM (social media marketing) strategy- Friend or Enemy?

Social Media Marketing is not a jargon any more for businesses, internet users on be it on PC, laptop or even mobile websites users.

One can attribute it to the success, accessibility and affordability of I-phone and tablets that Ecommerce store or E- business as many would call it, has transformed in a revolutionary manner in yesteryears. While technology has taken it to the next level, so have small and big business owners; who are now not only concerned about the chain of their stores geographically, but also on world wide web. Consequently, necessity of understanding SEO, importance of mobile websites design has become more important than ever and it has a crucial role to play in Ecommerce store and web development business.

Countless of SEO experts in Australia have written a lot about Social media marketing, it’s advantages from SEO’s point of view etc; however, there is still a lot business owners and Ecommerce stores are unaware of. As a result, despite putting a lot of money in various important aspects such as web development, web design, SEO, development of mobile websites etc, they fail to achieve desired results. Intesols has discovered 10 vital do’s and dont’s of Social media marketing that will help you improve your SEO plans as well as Ecommerce store business.

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