Why Resorting to Google Certified Agency is The Answer to your ROI’s?

To help our clients tell their story and grow their business, we employ a variety of digital marketing tactics. Digital advertisement is just one of the strategies we use to do this and we’re proud to say we’ve brought our services to the next level in Google Ads! And much more.

Recently We’ve just been certified as a Google Partner!

How Does One Become a Google Certified Partner?

Google awards, the Google Partner badge to an agency (or individual), which meets stringent advertisement and product awareness requirements. To become an official partner, you must pass certification exams for Google Ads products and demonstrate competency in Google software.

Being a Google Partner also means you can take all your Google information and “walk the talk.” Our relationship is a by-product of our dedication to increasing business for our customers through the strategic use of Google.

Google audited our Google Ads manager account to decide if it meets Google Partner expectations. There are numerous efficiency, investment, and qualification requirements in Google Ads that need to be met before Google even considers an audit service.

At Intesols our squad is constantly working to provide our clients with top-quality Google Ads management. The results of our account audit by Google reflected this commitment which ultimately helped to secure our status as a Google Partner.

Pondering on How this is Beneficial to your Business?

When you select a Google Partner to help generate leads for your business, you select an agency dedicated to the creation and management of strategic Google Ads.

Our status as a Google Partner also means we are under the watchful eye of Google to ensure we are consistently following these standards. Google is tracking our account, so we can lose our Google Partner badge if they feel we’ve fallen off our game at any time.

Luckily Google is working closely with its partners to provide training and tools to help us become ever more loyal stewards of the resources of our company.

Wrapping Up

Further advantages of working with a Google Partner:

  • You can work directly with account managers and data analysts who are accredited by Google.
  • Our squad, as Google Partners, will get early access to check new marketing strategies before others even know they exist!
  • The team of Intesols will be educated and qualified to develop best practices in Google Ads.

If you are interested in learning more about how the squad uses Google Advertising as part of consumer marketing strategy, resort to us for a consultation.

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