Web Design Trends 2014: What the New Year Holds for You?

Web design trends for 2014 that are sure to benefit your business growth!

With year 2013 being a thing of the past, we are now busy planning our strategies for the New Year 2014.

“From the business point of view, the year gone-by saw many changes especially in terms of web design. Online marketing experienced a great thrive last year and it is only to get more efficient and effective in the current year.”

Here, let us find out what will be the new trend to be followed in 2014 as far as the web design is concerned. Have a look:

1. Mobile web to rule 2014

Quite like year 2013 where we saw people turning on to their smartphones and tablets to surf net rather than the bulky and stationary computers, the trend is very much in continuation and it is expected that more and more people will switch to mobile web instead of the desktops. Therefore the businesses will have to be at their best and develop websites that are mobile friendly.

Changes your company will experience

Firstly, with the increased rate of net surfing over smartphones, you will have to get more responsive with the web design. A responsive website will help you create a fully customised site that will display things in a beautiful manner on screens of various sizes. This will help you build in more customers and boost your business.

Secondly, as customers will be using the mobile devices for all business related searches, you will have to optimise your website for the relevant local search style. To ensure that your company gains the top position, you will have to build citations, crate local pages, offers and target the local keywords. Responsive Website Design also improves search ranking so it is of extreme importance for better visibility in Local Search for your business to go responsive.

2. Engaging the audience

With the web getting overly popular for shopping, chatting with friends, family, clients, and for the researching works, every business is trying hard to be the best and gain maximum visibility. This apparently will be done if the online marketing is done in the proper way and your web design is using the right marketing tools. For the year 2014, more attention will be given on developing strong online marketing campaigns and creating quality content that can engage clients and reach out to more audience.

Changes your company will experience

Firstly, user experience is to play a vital role and you just can’t afford to neglect it. Get on board an experienced web design team and create things as per your business goals and target audience. To help you with the start, here are few tips on mobile website design practices for touch and type users.

Secondly, it is true that volume is important but the quality is far more important than it. With the hardcore competition you are surrounded with, expecting every article of yours to go viral is simply an insane wish. In fact, your publishing has the maximum chance of getting lost in the race. But that certainly doesn’t mean you have to abstain from doing so. Focus on creating engaging content that can win you some loyal customers in 2014.

3. Getting more social

Socialising for the benefit of your business is what 2014 calls out for. Market your websites on twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. and try to build a wide network. Show your company’s existence on all the social platforms and make it a point to interact with your clients. Be fully active socially and let your business experience the merit of it. Develop user friendly and interactive web design.

Web design has a bright future lying ahead in 2014 and businesses have the golden chance of reaping the fruits of it by implementing the necessary changes so as to be part of the trending ways.

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