Web Design and Transparency

Transparency plays an important role in terms of web design.

Website designs can be made far better and creative with the use of the PNG or GIF images which supports transparency within the images.

Transparency within the image can be use in several ways. Below are few of them;

  1. Curved borders to the boxes where background and foreground colour are different
  2. To show the portions of the background image to give a totally new look to the entire design.

This can be used for themeing purpose as well where user can choose the background image what they like from the specified ones.

Most of the current browsers supports PNG with transparency however IE 6 browser is still incompatible with it but in the market there are quite a few fixes / hacks available to resolve this issue.

You can visit http://www.twinhelix.com/css/iepngfix/ for that.

We are doing quite a number of projects where the web designs are using the transparency to achieve great effects. Please contact us if you would like your website to be stunning with the use of the latest technique in web design.

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