Here’s What you Need to Know : UX and UI More Important for SEO 2017

Looking for an important factor to boost your brand and its online presence? With enhanced competition and increased saturation in all the domains, Intesols strongly feels that search engine optimisation shouldn’t be taken casually. The biggest of the online search platforms, like Google, consider many factors to provide valid rankings to websites in the online search results. So, if you want to see your professional website or a personal blog in the top 10 search results, it is mandatory to add the SEO elements in promoting businesses on a global platform. Keeping this in consideration, the SEO professionals keep a track of continuously updated factors and algorithms for website rankings. In the current year and with changing SEO trends, user experience (UX) and user interaction(UI) are one of the most important factors in getting top rankings in online search results.


In this blog, we are referring to UI and UX, which are an integral part of promoting relevant content on the web. UI and UX are directly proportional to content, website speed, mobile optimisation, proper text presentation, image placements, navigation, links, user friendliness and user readability. So, it is very important to understand that how the content, the king of SEO, is presented to the readers. Technically, UI and UX refer to better web designing and power tools to boost more traffic on the site by attracting clients to the services being provided. Let’s see what makes them so important?

  1. SEO+UX/UI :

    The team work from these factors is a creative effort. SEO is the key to drive traffic to the website, while UX/UI work on the conversions. So, if UX/UI succeeds to create a great first impression, there are chances that the website will experience more conversions. Ultimately, both work together to serve the end user’s intent and business conversions. The developers and designers should always ensure that end users and search engine’s interest are well aligned with each other.

  2. Call-to-actions (CTA) :

    Apart from helping the end users to find what they need or are interested in, CTA makes the content easily accessible, improves the user engagement and increases the probability of conversions from the website.

  3. Concept of above the fold actions from newspapers :

    Before developing or designing a webpage, it is highly important to evaluate the target audience and purpose of the website. So, with the concept of above the fold being implemented on user behaviour, visibility is the priority with excellent content, graphics and images. Use of meta information, image alts, SEO friendly URLs further help in attaining more user engagement and SEO benefits.

  4. Responsive and User-Friendly Websites :

    Nowadays, end users find it easier to browse through the websites through smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. A responsive website will not only hold the interest of the user, but also prevent them from turning towards other similar websites. With UX in consideration, mobile SEO optimisation is the key to conversions.

  5. Sharing Blogs on Social Media Platforms:

    Great content created should always have an edge and facilitate users to reach out to it through social media platforms easily. Social networking sites and user engagement needs no introduction, and both should be utilised together for desired end user optimisation.

UI and UX have a crucial impact on the online purchase cycle of products and  services. SEO professionals, through their ethical practices strive to create an optimal balance of all the aspects, and keep their clients ahead of the competition. If you are looking forward to effective online SEO solutions for your business or website, contact Intesols Intelligent Solutions on (03) 9553 2824 or request an instant quote.

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