Useful tips for Local SEO and improving your local search result

Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimisation is all about optimising your website for local search. It helps your local customers and prospects find your business around their locality in a very easier and faster manner.

Local SEO is quickly becoming very popular among small and local business around Australia and many SEO Firms in Australia offers high quality result oriented Local SEO which has been helping lots of small and local businesses in Australia attract and attain new customers everyday around their geographies.

If you are an absolute beginners, first know Importance of Local SEO for your local business.

If you too want to leverage the potential of this so called Local SEO and want to establish a brand image in your geography, here are some useful and important tips that can help you make your Local SEO more effective and can help you improve your local search result in search engines.

Content matters most!

Content is the deciding factor in converting your website visitors into business leads. If your content is informative, your website visitors are surely to knock your door but if you force them to read boring and self promoting content, they are all sure not to login to your website again! Here are few example of ideal content for attracting more leads from website visit and improving local SEO.

Try to put content that is:

  • Informative – Adding value to visitor’s knowledgeAttractive – Attracts visitors by providing them information in interesting way
  • To the point – No long lines, simple and straight, to the point content always winNo or little self promotion – Even if it is your website, you should not bomb it with self promotion. That is not for what visitors visit your website, they visit for information not promotion.
  • Clear content – No hidden terms, clear disclosure about prices, terms, privacy and warranty policy etc. helps you establish a professional and trust worthy image.

Google Map and other local listing

Admit it, no business can sustain without having presence on Google map and other highly popular internet directories such as yellow pages, yelp, true local etc. So go for Google. Have business listing on Google Maps and other high quality local directories. It will help visitors find your local business easily.

Reviews, reviews and reviews

With Google maps and Google places being more popular than ever, value of a user review on such and other local directories sites has tremendously increased. Reviews work like word of mouth for your business.

Especially, user written reviews about business services on Google+, Google places and Google Maps can make or break a business identity. Because human being trust human more than automated business system, reviews have been great way to influence local audience and to attract them to your local business.

Don’t forget Mobile!

This is mobile life! Everyone has a smart phone in him or her palm, and we all use it not just for making and receiving phone calls but for doing almost everything that we were been doing on computers. This includes playing games, doing business, connecting with friends and searching for nearby restaurants or any other service or product we want. If you consider having a mobile website design of your business website, it will double your visit to lead conversion ratio.

Numbers don’t lie!

Recent survey carried by prominent market research firm in Australia, the smart phones user base is expected to hit 8.8 million mark. In Australia alone, the smart phone users are expected to be around 10 million by 2012, a survey revealed.

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