Top Ten SEO keys to unlock the Rest of 2015

So, you want some of those business dollars filtered into content and SEO in 2015? If so, defining these ten key areas will help you put together a budget that looks at internal operations, the major issues hindering the website, and tracking results to keep those dollars filtering in.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging, a major off-page SEO activity, is as relevant as it was few years ago and still carries the effect on Search Rankings. Like every year, you have to be extremely careful when publishing your work on a third party website. In addition, what kind of content you’re posting. Guest Blog may be a link building activity, but can also take it as a way to build relationship with other bloggers.

The rules of Guest Blogging remain essentially the same

  1. Don’t write poor content to get backlinks.
  2. Don’t write merely for link building
  3. Don’t go on writing anywhere. Research the website you’ll be guest posting on before contributing your content.

The world of guest blogging and its significance in SEO will remain the same for the rest of the year.

On page SEO

Just like Guest Blogging, On Page SEO still carries the same effect as it used to be. Typical Off page activities still have its place. But they are more being exploited than used properly.

Truly speaking, on page SEO is the first step of SEO, setting the foundation for Search Engine Optimization.

Here are some of the on page SEO methods/factors you should pay most attention to.

  1. Content quality
  2. Meta tags
  3. Keyword density
  4. LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords
  5. Proper usage of heading, list, alt tags and other HTML tags

On page SEO isn’t all about randomly putting keywords in Meta’s separated by pipes (|). If you keep doing that, you may end up in a situation described by Google “Keyword Stuffing”, a black hat SEO that Google punishes. If you’re still confused what led to a situation arising the condition of “Keyword Stuffing”, learn Matt Cutts example of keyword stuffing, where the keyword “plasma TV advanced chart” surprisingly entered in a context about immortality. As expected, Google banned that website.

There are number of tools that can help you in on page SEO. The tools came really hand when you don’t have any idea about on page SEO. One such tool is Siteliner, a product from Copyscape, which will assist you in analyzing your site’s main on-page problems.

Mobile SEO

Assuming that you’re already aware of Mobile SEO thanks to thousands of article and blogs about it, rather here I will point some of the mistakes that search marketers make during Mobile SEO.

Accidentally blocking JavaScript, CSS and image files

Always make sure that Google bot can crawl your website’s JavaScript, images, and CSS elements. The “Fetch as Google” feature in GWT is great place to check the status. The status report, thereby, will be generated showing errors if any.

Putting unplayable videos

Google hates such windows proclaiming, “Content not playable”. One or two window in the whole domain is fine though

Irrelevant or dead Redirects

Don’t make a habit of redirecting a desktop URL to mobile website’s homepage if the related mobile page is not available. This will confuse the users and Google don’t want the users to be confused.

Mobile only 404s

The above situation’s spin off, “instead of redirecting to mobile website homepage, the desktop URL on not finding a related mobile page redirects to 404”

App download interstitials

The large pop-ups promoting users to download an app rather than visiting the mobile site are a major let down, these days.

Slow or unresponsive mobile pages

Use Google PageSpeed Insights to learn if your page has any problems that can slow them down, centering on the “Speed” tab and sort the problems marked as “Should Fix.” A score above 70 is a good sign.

Social Media has a key Role

Social media and SEO. Some will tell you they go together like Batman and Robin, and others will tell you they go together like exact match anchor text and a Penguin update! Social signals are very important to get better position in search engine. You must target top social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social sites.


With more than half of the year still remaining, you still have enough time to fix your website of any mobile specific errors. In the meanwhile, keep running Guest Posting on authoritative websites. Also make sure your website’s on-page SEO is looking good. Keep a track of keywords and optimize accordingly. A time to time keyword research and using the keyword in on-page SEO is also a great idea.

Today, Guest Blogging, to be honest, remains the only ethical way of off-page link building. Don’t overuse or abuse this link building technique. Strictly adhere to Google’s guest posting guidelines from time to time. Once again I will mention, don’t use it merely as a way to link building but as a mean to build relations among bloggers.

Mobile SEO is important and after April 21st update, it’ll only get more relevant. Don’t make those stupid mistakes.

Together by guest posting in authoritative and relevant sites with high PR, using proper SEO techniques both on-page and off-page, optimizing on-page elements, and by not falling for common SEO mistakes and blunders, the rest of 2015 can be the time when you’ll get the much needed boost for your website from SEO point of view. Best of Luck!

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