Tips for better Search Engine Optimization for your Blog!

Search Engine Optimization has been a long way of improving the web page’s result on major search engines like Google and Yahoo! But since the innovation of personalized website known as blogs and other web 2.0 sites, seo for such sites and blogs have become a point of discussion and research. Blog marketing and website marketing are very different aspects of seo service.

How does it differ? Main difference between the duos is that blog has much more options of web 2.0 in it! It has something that just does not make you write easily but also lets your reader or blog visitors communicate with you very conveniently in blogs. So it’s quiet important that you have done proper and effective search engine optimization for your blog. Below are some tips and tricks on how to do an effective seo for your blog.

Feed, feed and feed!

Ever surprised how and why many leading new articles blogs spread their words? With the help of Feed or RSS Feed i.e. syndicate with RSS. RSS Feed is an interactive and interesting option for your blog to be used so that your reader and visitors can easily stay updated with the latest posts and articles of your blog.

Make use of perfect keywords, categories or tags.

Keywords are the main object of any site or blog when it comes to SEO. And so is the case you’re your blog! If you choose proper, competitive and popular keyword, you are all sure to get huge traffic on your blog. Moreover, tags or categories that you make your article in, will help your visitors to find the relevant articles very easily and so they are obvious to stay touched with your blog.

Make use of Web 2.0 tools!

Have you been poured with the word web 2.0? If yes, it’s time to use it! Web 2.0 tools which include social media marketing site such as facebgook, twitter, digg, stumbleuppon and a number more are made to spread the word! So make regular use of these sites and be ahead of others by updating your genuine and loyal visitors. Another great tool of Web 2.0 is Social Bookmarking which allows you to save your posts and bookmarks and share them with others. Others may also take bookmarks saved by others and add them to their own collection, as well as to subscribe to the lists of others.

Finally, three Rs of Blogging!

If you have gone through and have used above tools and tips but haven’t been to this final tip, you are nowhere! That’s why it’s important to make sure you sue these Three Rs. These are Be Regular, Be Responsive and Be Relative.

Be Regular means write and post articles frequently in a regular time frame, because your loyal readers always look for something interesting.

Be Responsive means respond to your visitor’s comments and questions on your blog. The more your respond them, the more they will follow you. And finally,

Be Relative means do not post everything. Rather be focused on what your subject theme is. Because readers don’t love to wander here and there, between two subject lines of a post or even an entire blog. So for example, if your blog is all about automobile world, stay focused on it rather than posting articles about aerospace industry.

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