The world after Google Penguin updates: How SEO has been changed

People love Google and Google loves quality – this is what we have learned from Google’s Penguin updates that left thousands of webmasters into dancing in last week of April 2012.

Since the rise of 2012, Google has been found busy in making its Search Engine algorithm more quality and visitor friendly than ever. And with this major updates that left many webmasters into dark cloud, Google has clearly signaled that there is and will no room for either low quality web content or for spamming on the web.

The world after Google Penguin Updates
With the major algorithmic updates from Google, we have noticed big changes in traditional Search Engine Optimisation process. Our Search Engine Optimisation experts have analyzed the latest SEO Trends after this Google updates and have prepared a useful SEO Tips article below which will help you rank in top in Google, if implemented properly.

Many companies offering Search Engine Optimisation in Australia have changed their SEO tactics. Our expert SEO professional conducted surveys and have found that most SEO firms now have changed their SEO Strategies and have been successfully implementing it for their clients.

We are glad to present these useful latest SEO tips for you to use for your site. And we bet if you understand and implement these latest SEO tips, it will be not a big deal for your site to rank in top in Google Search Engine.

Latest SEO Tips for Top rank in Google Search Engine.

Content is King: The best lesson that we all have learned from Penguin update is that Content is King. No matter how small or big your site is, if your content is just for you (or your company or brand), Google is not going to love you, and nor your prospectus clients too! So make sure your website content is always creative, useful, quality and of course, unique and original – no duplicates!

Socialize your site: Yes, this is Social Phenomena. And everyone is going social, so why not your website? When your site is being developed, make sure your Web Development company makes its design socialable and shareable. And in case you already have a website, check if it has social paltforms integrated with it. With socialable and shareable – we mean your web content should be easy to share on different social media platforms such as Facebook etc. More your site is social, more it is SEO friendly.

Go Google+: We all do SEO for our sites to be ranked in top in Google, so if Google itself is providing us a simple, easy and effective platform, why not use it? Just join Google+ and brand your products. Google+ is not just a social platform, it is more that it. It is an SEO tool that can boost your ranking and traffic at no cost, because you know, Google+ is free! So why not use it?

Link matters: Many SEO people believe that links are dead, those who believe this, have not analyzed backlink values. We have analyzed and experienced that backlinks from high PR websites plays major role in getting your website in top ranking in Google Search Engine.

Image and Video Optimisation: Good for Google: If your site has images and videos, why not optimise it? Always use alt tags and description and title tags to optimise your images and videos, this is how you Google wants your images and videos to be in SERP.

Keyword Density: Don’t neglect it: Be careful when writing content. If you are an SEO Firm in Australia, you must know what is density rate. Keep your website content with keyword density in between 1.5 % and 2.5 %. This is how Google expect a good web page to be.

Go Mobile: The world is going mobile, so should your website. Yes, remember to optimise your website for mobile and smartphones. Recent research from leading Australian business research and insight frim Deloitte stats that in the year 2012, the smartphone market in Australia is going to hit multi-billion dollar mark. Only those who have a Mobile Website Design, will sustain in this competitive market. So in case if you don’t have your website designed for smartphones, consult a mobile website design company today and have make sure you have mobile website design for your business.

Important: With sudden but stable rise of mobile, smartphone and tablet market, the Responsive Web Design has become an industry practise for websites designing. Responsive Web Design is a methodology of web design in which a website is design in such a way that it adopts browser/device’s screen size and resolution automatically and renders lookout accrodingly. This gives its users and visitors an ultimate satisfactory experience and creates huge potentialities for businesses. If you want to check live example of what a real Responsive Web Design is then open this Responsive Web Design page in your mobile or smartphone or tablet’s browser, and you’ll feel the difference.

That’s all! If you follow these tips and suggestions for your website’s Search Engine Optimisation, we bet, you will find your site in top ranking in Google Search Engine! All the best!

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