The Best Places to Look for Great SEO-Friendly Content Ideas

Content marketing involves writing a lot of engaging content for SEO purposes. The technique primarily involves constantly researching the current web trends, developing ideas, looking for the right topics, and creating engaging piece of content, accordingly. However, writing content as a hobby, as an amateur writer is pretty different from writing engaging content for SEO purposes. The latter normally requires an experienced professional writer having expertise in this field.

Writing a piece of content for marketing and SEO purpose in not a game for everyday writers. It requires coming with new ideas every day and consistently delivering according to quality guidelines. The content ideas should not only entice the audience but also entice Google to rate them highly.

So the question arises, how to find new SEO friendly content ideas every day? What are the places to look for?

No doubt, the internet is your playground. Nonetheless, the internet filled with plagiarism, junk content, thin content, and tons of crap. You just can’t dig around the internet and end up whatever ideas suits you. You have to look for credible, authoritative sources for content ideas if you really want to climb Google search ladders. Wikipedia is a great source of high quality, neutral content. What are the other sources?

Quora: Quora is a great place to look for trending questions. A Q&A site, Quora covers a wide array of niches from health to startups, entrepreneurship to entertainment. The questions that have many answers with thousands of upvotes (likes) are great place to start with fresh ideas. The answers, based on real life experiences, are pretty interesting, enough to make you stick to this site for hours.

Stack Overflow: Another Q&A forum, except it’s on a more technical side. This is the greatest place to learn programming and shooting programming question. If you’re thinking of writing about programming languages, then this is the best place to start with.

Reddit: Dubbed as ‘The front page of the Internet’, Reddit is purportedly the biggest gathering of netizens. There are thousands of subreddits (user generated reddit categories). Reddit is very helpful for blog ideas, particularly, if someone is looking for writing about latest internet phenomenas likely consumers and Internet culture.

LinkedIn: If you’re looking for topics to target B2B market then LinkedIn is the place to start, whether you want to target sectors like customer support services or manufacturing heavy machinery. LinkedIn is also very helpful if you’re writing about famous personality as most of them have profile over LinkedIn, which you can use for references.

Hacker News: Very similar to Reddit, a user submits a link, picture, or a video and receives a number of upvotes based on the submission. However, unlike Reddit, this community is more inclined towards start-ups, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Disqus: Are you aware Disqus powers millions of blogs? With a single login, it power users to comment on those blogs. Lately, Disqus has emerged as a quite a social media platform where you can check the most common comments, trends, and blog engagements, giving you a fair amount of idea: what to write for your next blog.

Twitter: The second biggest social media, Twitter is great place to be inspired and to look for topics that are trending. There is a separate page for trending topics; the topics can be categorised according to categories, demographics, and language. This time of trending will give you enough information to decide your next blog topic.

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