Technology tips for designing mobile eCommerce stores

eCommerce has brought forth a surge by making demand and supply just a click away. eCommerce stores in Melbourne are reigning high with a creed of techno savvy crowd drooling over web stores, experts have already predicted that Australian eCommerce stores will earn $37 billion in 2013.

Mobile technology has been creating a niche for online businesses by bringing them more traffic, more potential customers and hence more revenue and that’s why you should make your eCommerce store responsive to pull maximum traffic.

Certain tips that need to be considered while designing mobile eCommerce are:

Modular user interface: This has been the style adopted by Windows operating system. Very popular the UI is easy to operate and feasible for both desktop and mobiles. Your eCommerce site when designed with on these parameters would be accessible by diverse users and would be easy to operate.

Simple & economic design: Here lies the creativity plus technical acumen of the mobile web designers. As you have limited space on the device, the site must be simple, clutter free and paves way to call for action at a fast pace. Conservative design with a fresh approach would suffice the need of the eCommerce store.

Socially connected: Mobile stores should have social media integration to make the website more user friendly. It will draw more traffic and will have a first hand user interaction. Moreover, users will now be able to order, purchase and manage online shopping through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. So, your site MUST have social media integration.

More of the tips for effective mobile eCommerce stores are on the way. So, keep reading!

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