Non Profit Organization Websites


The profits of a website for a non profit organization

A lot of organizations and companies have resorted to the internet for promotion and increasing their earnings by creating their own websites.

But what about the non-profit organizations, is there anyway they can benefit from internet as well? Yes there is! In fact non-profit organizations need the promotion more than other organizations. Gaining prominence and attention of the general public forms the backbone of such organizations.

There would be some elements which would be similar to the web design of other sites promoting products or services. But there would be some very unique and specific elements in a good Non Profit Organization Web Design.

They too need to be SEO friendly so that the ranking of your site climbs and give you a larger exposure. They also need to be user friendly and the details of the site should be clearly mentioned, should be easily navigable.

However there are other elements which make a non profit organization web design slightly different from other sites.

Characteristics of a good non profit organization web design:

The site should be Donor Friendly.
It is no secret that the monetary force behind any non profit organization comes from the various donations. The purpose of most non-profit organization is too generate funds mobilize those funds to optimally serve the purpose f the organization. This donation process is thus an integral aspect of non profit site.

The web design should make the donation option both visible and simple. The option should be positioned in such a way on the site that interested people should not have to hunt for it. And the actual donation process too should be kept as simple as possible. A competent web designer would not include more than one page on the online donation form or make it compulsory to create an account for donation.

The site should be Media Friendly.
Media promotion plays an important role in the popularity of the organization and the subsequent awareness of the cause it is supporting. There should be ample information regarding the people involved in the organizations, the board of directors, the founders and the key personnel including their contact information. There should also be downloadable pictures so that the media has an easy access to them.

The site should be Volunteer Friendly.
Non-profit organizations also need able hands who believe in their cause almost as much as they need the money. By providing sufficient information about the different volunteer programs your organization offers and multiple contact options, interested people would definitely be willing to join the cause.

The Organization’s cause and site’s purpose should be clear.
A lot of the times the primary cause the organization supports get lost in the chaotic web design. If the cause is not clear, donation or volunteers or even awareness would be hard to come by. Even the site’s purpose should be clear as to whether it should focus on getting donations, volunteers or just general awareness.


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