Social Media Updates: Google+ adds community pages!

Here is an important update from social media and search engine giant Google! Google’s Sr. VP of Engineering, Vic Gundotra announced yesterday that they have started rolling out communities for Google+.

This new Google+ Communities will help people find people of similar interest and will boost the spirit of sharing, said the VP at the launching time.

While, Google+ users are busy in creating, finding and joining communities of the similar interest, it is also believed that this feature is Google’s answer to facebook’s much popular facebook group where facebook users find users with similar interest and share information with them.

The difference between Google+ Communities and Facebook GroupsAlthough a large community of social media marketing and search engine optimisation professionals claiming that this new feature from Google+ is Google’s option against facebook groups, there are few differences in between the two. First of all, unlike facebook groups, you do not need to browse to community (group) to post something there. You can post anything you want to on your Google+ community directly from your home page. Another major difference is that Google+ Communities offer a filter option that helps you to filter the posts within a certain community based on the community topic or discussion category. And yes, one more difference: Photos are quiet larger, and you can share your hangouts and Google+ events within your communities.

How to create Google+ Community

Google+ has deployed Google+ Communities with a very attractive and yet very easy interface design. To create new Google+ Community, follow below steps:

  • Sign into your Google+ profile by browsing through
  • Go to and click on create community button at top right or middle left side.
  • Choose the community privacy option: You can keep it either public or privateGive it a proper name.
  • Choose if new members can join without your approval or they need your approval.
  • Give it a tag line, upload logo/image, add category, description and location and click on Finish editing.
  • You are ready to Go!

Your thoughts

Now that Google+ has taken a further step in taking a fight with Facebook, it will be very interesting to see whether it goes ahead of Facebook in terms of social networking and social media marketing or not. Do you believe this new feature will boost Google+’s campaign and efforts to establish itself as a leading social media marketing platform for businesses and professionals? Pen-in your thoughts in the comment box below.

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