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As an award-winning SEO company in Richmond, Intesols offers innovative, creative, and calculated SEO strategies that help your business to have a strong digital presence. We provide SEO services across various industries and to businesses of all sizes.

Our office is located only around 14kms from Richmond. Richmond is one of the best Australian suburbs to live in. The multicultural neighbourhood, flourishing economy, beautiful parks, fancy restaurants and the Saturday markets have made the town popular across Melbourne. Here are some of our oldest clients in Richmond:
Nature’s Secret, The Suit Concierge, CSMedical and Auto Attention.

Whether your business goal is to bring more traffic to your online store or you need to make locals aware of your services, you can count on us for comprehensive and budget-friendly SEO services in Richmond.

Expand Your Business with a Trusted SEO Specialist in Richmond

Our all-inclusive SEO services for Richmond businesses help you achieve your business goals in a limited time. We bolster your marketing efforts to create a solid digital presence for your business. We deliver the best return on your investment with a step-by-step strategic approach.

Our SEO Strategy to Achieve your Business Goals

Discovery Meeting
During our discovery meeting, we understand your business from every aspect. We analyse all the details, such as your business objectives, suitable keywords for your business, your website’s current ranking on different search engines, quality of current website and content, and the condition of your competitors to create effective strategies.
Our creative and well-calculated strategies help you achieve the best return on investment.
We carefully implement strategies and ensure that it generates more traffic and quality leads.
We continuously monitor marketing campaigns and make necessary changes to make them more effective.
We create strategies that have a complete scope of improvisation to meet the need of changing market trends.
We maintain complete transparency for our SEO activities and keep you updated with monthly reports and growth charts.

On-going Content Strategy to Engage More Audience

We have a team of talented content strategists and writers to create unique and engaging content for your brand that effectively communicates with the target audience. It gives your brand a unique and authentic voice. In addition, we create content that complies with the latest guidelines of the search engines. Our on-going content strategy includes creating blogs, webpages, case studies, location/service pages, and other types of content that highlight the latest trends.

Reliable On-going SEO Maintenance for Your Business in Richmond

We deliver comprehensive solutions for local SEO in Richmond. Our team of experienced SEO specialists make your website SEO-friendly to attract more traffic, and improve conversion rate through multi-layer strategies. We ensure that your website maintains optimum efficiency by keeping it updated with the changing algorithm of search engines and market trends.

We are Accountable to Our Clients

Our dedicated professional team leaves no stone unturned to achieve the promised ROI. Our comprehensive digital marketing approach takes complete accountability for all your digital marketing activities and business growth.

Get the Best ROI with Bespoke SEO Services in Richmond

Intestols is your one-stop solution for all your digital marketing requirements. Whether you want to sell products across the world or need to attract more retailers for your manufacturing business, you can count on us to achieve greater success.

For reliable and affordable SEO services near Richmond, please call us on (03) 9553 2824 or email us at

Client Success Stories

See the results we've achieved for some of our clients.
Workbench Warehouse
Online leads from website increased
Ultima Function
Organic traffic growth within 1 year
Product Dynamics
Growth in Revenue
Improvement in organic revenue in just 6 months
Improvement in organic revenue in just 4 months
Organic traffic growth
India at Home
Growth in orders annually
Revenue growth
Improvement in Organic traffic
Bargain Home Appliances
Organic traffic growth annually
Mike’s Carpet Discounters
Organic leads increased monthly
Always & Forever Bridal
Growth in leads
Nikos Tavern
Organic traffic improved
Baby Made
Organic traffic growth
Instant Marquees
Improvement in Enquiries

See What Our Clients Say About Us

Very happy with the service from Intesols. They have developed a new website for us and they are very responsive when things needs to be changed or tweaked. Also doing SEO and SMM with them and we can see great improvements in our search results. Can recommend highly.
Shane Schlotterlein
Intelsols SEO is a professional web design agency the will be able to deliver greatly designed websites that suit your needs and I consider to be one of the best in marketing as wells, speaking from 7 years of experience that helped me achieved a lot with them in my business.
James Omdurman
Intesols is a results oriented company which has helped drive a lot of online business to us. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to grow in the online space.
R Makanjee
Working with the team at Intersols has been an absolute pleasure. They exceeded my expectations in the website that they built for my business. Not only were they professional at all times, but they were very responsive and patient with me as we worked together to achieve a great end result. Thanks once again.
Nesan Naidoo
Great work from intesol, from running my google ads, (with great results for my business), taking the time to explain it all to me, to designing my new website. I highly recommend
Marie-france Laval
Great service, good price and a joy to work with. Thank you team for helping me with my website for a brand new business start-up.
Louise Rowe
Excellent Customer Service!! I have got time to time response with appropriate results which we needed. Websites are well maintained by the amazing team.
Warrina Designs
We are very pleased with the service provided by Intesols in developing our website. There was regular communication and updates and the outcome was excellent. Thank you to the team:) Highly recommended.
Sarah Rosaia
Our company has used Intersol for 15 months and have found their service outstanding. Intersol have delivered projects in time and on budget. They assist you in finding the most cost effective way to produce your desired results. Their approach is very friendly and collaborative.
Michael Cornips
Team at Intesols is very detail oriented and produced great results for Piber Plastics. I wish Intesols all the very best in the future and keep up the good work.
Intesols team has been instrumental in ensuring high visibility of our business on the web. Also channeling the efforts appropriately by attracting right mix of organic traffic. The team is always approachable, flexible and adaptable towards our needs and always provides us feedback and recommendations for continuous improvements.
Kaushik Ajmera
I have been doing business with Intesols for only a few months, so far all good and I would give them a AAA rating.
The SEO work done by Intesols has helped my business enormously. I was a sceptic at first but they have achieved results beyond what I thought could be done in only 3 months. Before I had virtually no web presence but their knowledge, skills, commitment and professionalism has visibly increased my profile and reach. They always provide prompt feedback and are always helpful. Highly recommended!
“We have received lot of positive feedback from our clients regarding the new website both in Australia and Overseas. Intesols has provided excellent website design services which is compatible across different devices. We highly recommend Intesols for high quality website work.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO means that your website is optimised to draw and generate traffic through location-based search queries. An example- When you run a small retail business in Melbourne, with local SEO services you can target local customers only from Melbourne. Local SEO has been proven highly effective if you want to target any specific demographic audience, be it your local area or anywhere else that you want to market your goods/services.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO campaign focuses on making your website mobile responsive to adapt to various screen sizes, lending for a better user experience regardless of which device they use to browse your website. With a rise in the number of hand-held devices, the significance of having websites optimised for mobile has increased more than ever.

What is Google Knowledge Graph?

A Google knowledge graph is the box on the right side of the search result page which displays all the crucial information of a business, product or person you placed a query in Google.

What is Voice Search? How to optimise site for it?

Voice search uses speech recognition technology that enables a user to perform a Google search by saying the queries aloud instead of typing them. It is becoming extremely popular with the surge in smartphone technology.

The best way to optimise your web content is to think, write and talk like your target audience. Instead of focusing on keywords, pay attention to find out how your average customer talks so you can incorporate the same words in your content.

How Long Does it Take to Get Result from SEO

As we mentioned above, SEO is not a sprint race, it’s a marathon. It does take some considerable time to see tangible results. While there’s no definite answer as to how long it takes to get SEO results, it is commonly observed that results become visible around 6-8 months into the campaign.

What is Keyword Research and How is it Done?

Keyword research is a process of searching and using the right keywords in the content, right from blog posts to landing pages- to draw more visitors from Google. A user types in a few phrases in the search engine to find information about a product or service. It’s here that keyword research plays a vital role in determining those search terms for the SEO strategy. Using right keywords in the web content can set you on the right path.

What are long tail keywords and How to find them?

Long tail keywords generally have 4 or more keywords and are helpful to increase your search engine traffic. For example “Top 10 SEO Agencies in Australia” is a long tail keyword.

Does Creating Categories Help SEO?

The answer is a definite, Yes! Sorting out pages into categories can prove to be helpful in preventing individual pages from competing against each other.

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