Search Engine Optimisation: The upcoming Trends for 2012

The year of 2011 has been totally dedicated to quality website in terms of Search Engine Optimisation. With each Google Panda Update, the Search Engine giant is making it very clear that upcoming time is a welcome gate only for quality websites that have quality, unique and relevant web content.

In its recent search algorithm update, Google Inc, clearly signaled that only and only quality and unique content websites will be given priority in SERP (Search Engine Results). So now, there is no point of doubt that in coming time, Google will be emphasizing quality and user useful websites and will be prioritizing the sites in search ranking thus enabling quality sites to attract more visitors and generate more leads for the business.

For the upcoming 2012, there will be immense changes being seen in Search Engine Optimisation tactics. With increase emphasize on quality content, easy to navigate website menu system and relevant website theme, many of SEO Firm predict that the coming year will be a combination of Quality Content, Mobile SEO and Social Media.

Quality Content

Gone are the days where people used to copy website content from other popular and top ranking sites and changing it and putting the modifying content to their own sites and thus gaining indirect and quick top ranking position in search engine. Now Google algorithm has so smartly updated that it tracks even little copied content. This means that only quality and unique content sites will get benefit from search engines. So be unique, be relative, be quality and be on top.

Mobile SEO

The world has moved from desktop to laptop and from laptop to mobile. So is Search Engine Optimisation. Now everything has become mobile. Be it shopping, be it banking or be it business. We are getting used to mobile technology. And so if you really want to sustain your online business you also need to go mobile. Take few steps of care in terms of Mobile SEO or mobile oriented website optimsiation and you’re done!

Don’t ignore Social Media

Social Media has been buzzing word in recent days. Social Media Marketing is the activity of marketing your product/business among people on internet using social activities like interacting with them on regular timeframe. Social Media is fun, it is entertainment, and it is business (if you can run!). There are so many Web Development Australia companies that are offering social media integration tools to websites. Just make sure you have enough tools integrated to your site. And you’re done!

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