Role of eCommerce store design in success of business

Shopping carts and eCommerce stores occupy a huge share of shopping market. Technology has brought a revolution by bringing the ‘click & collect’ method of purchasing stuff.

Online stores save time, effort and money and so are popular medium of buying things.

Few considerations in store design would help in growing the business:

Breezing navigation: The navigation flow should be smooth else the buyer would get confused. Long forms with loads of information would irritate the buyer and they would like to move on from the page.

Design and instructions: Enquiry form, contact info, live chat pop up and even shopping instructions should be clear and crisp so that buyer cab easily understand the purchase mechanism.

SEO & SMO for marketing: SEO starts with the design phase and so the site should be properly optimised to gain higher ranking and visibility on SERP.

Plus, the presence of your eCommerce store would define your web presence by caching on the live customers who buy things through word of mouth.

Product page: Design of product page should be clear without any clutter. In addition, detailed descriptions would help the client understand things clearly so that he can order fast.

Sales initiating content: Product content and descriptions should be engaging, detailed, showcasing benefits, displaying information in superlative form and enticing to allure the visitor to make purchase.

All-in-one payment modules: The payment modules of eCommerce store should facilitate diverse modes of payment including PayPal, credit cards etc. to comfort the client.

All these points have a long term significance as it not only attracts the clients but will build good relationships with the customers. This would gain higher traffic and improved RoI. So, design plays a pivotal role in defining the success of online shopping stores!

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