Responsive Website Design: What, why and how?

The world is going mobile, and not just mobile but a smartphone mobile. From teenagers to business tycoons, everyone is just loving and living with their smartphones and with evolution of next level of laptop computers – tablets and digital notes, the way we talk, chat, play and do business has changed.

Gone are days when people used to go to their computers and open their emails or connect with friends and family on social sites or businessman doing business from home or office PCs. Now is the time, where you don’t go to shop, shop comes to you! And that’s all because of the evolution of smartphones.

What is Responsive Web Design?
To be short and simple, Responsive Web Design is the methodology of web design where a website is developed in such a way that no matter which device you use to open, it will render the website style and appearance exactly same as it is intended. The basic concept behind methodologies of Responsive Web Design is that any website should adopt responsive approach in accordance with the screen resolution of the device. If you open it in desktop browser, it should adopt resolutions according to desktop browser’s size and if it is opened in a smartphone, it should adopt size accordingly. And so on.

Why have a Responsive Web Design for your website?
With ever increasing popularity of smartphone, one important issue that most business owners are facing is to make their website mobile and smartphone compatible. Because any website we have seen so far in the desktop and laptop era is just computer or laptop compatible that means it is fine visible on laptop and desktop but when it comes to mobile or smartphone which have smaller screen resolutions compared to desktops, can’t present that website in its original and correct style. If you try to open a website in your mobile or tablet, it will look like it is messed up with your device.

Making your website mobile and smartphone friendly is very important for sustainability and growth of your business as most people. Recent report from Deloitte shows that smartphone market is going to be a multi-billion dollar market alone in Australia and this signifies the importance of the mobile friendly website.

How to design website for mobile?
As a business owner, you are now aware how important it is for you and your business to have mobile website design. But the question is, how to get a mobile website design? Well, the answer is simple! There are many leading and professional Web Development companies who are expert in responsive web design and who can assist you in getting you a mobile website design for your business website.

So, just head out now, and contact your nearest web development company today!

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