Responsive Web Design: The trends for 2014!

The concept of responsive web design is not new especially in the current scenario where mobile world is ready to replace the till now ruled world of computers.

With mobile becoming more and more prominent, business developers across the globe are making all efforts to make their company sites stand compatible with the present set of mobile devices and also the one to be launched in future.

Need for changes

There is no denial to the fact that inventions never cease and every second a new exploration is being done. And when it is about devices and gadgets like mobile phones and smartphones, consistent efforts are being made to bring in changes in functions with every device that is made. Therefore, no website can be made to follow set standards when we talk of a responsive web design. To stand compatible with the present and future devices, websites will have to bring in the necessary changes.

The new trends

Before implementing responsive web design, you have to make sure that you carefully follow the other important trends inclusive of simplicity and storytelling. Here the story might show some change in the portrait vs. landscape mode. You will have to keep in mind that responsive web design is not just about squishing content thereby making it fit onto a different-sized screen. It is all about revamping your website to tell the message productively.

Also you have to take care of the fact that something that’s effective on a desktop-sized webpage will not necessarily be as productive on mobile, no matter how well you manage to fit it onto the mobile screen. Don’t feel hesitant in removing or adding elements depending upon the screen size and device type.

Responsive web design is certainly the future and to stand the competition beating the fellow competitors, it is important for every business to work as per the trending changes!

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