Regression testing

Top Notch Regression Testing Services By The Experts

In software development, any change to the code with respect to enhancements, bug fixes or new functionality can create unexpected consequences in the application or software.

It is important to ensure that the software product continues to perform as it did before, even after the changes. Hence, regression testing is performed to ensure that the applications remain bug-free even after any updates.

At Intesols, we provide top-notch regression testing services, ensuring that software applications function correctly and efficiently even after the smallest of changes are made to the code. Our highly skilled and experienced software engineers follow proven best practices and industry-leading tools to optimise regression testing processes, delivering the best quality services in the industry.

Our Regression Testing Can Help You In:

  • Identifying and resolving functional, non-functional or aesthetic issues
  • Removing any unintentional side effects that may have been introduced during the development process
  • Ensuring that any changes made to the application do not have any negative impacts and that the outcomes are positive
  • Confirming the application continues to perform optimally
  • Performing repeated tasks to ensure the application continues to perform optimally

Benefits Of Regression Testing

Regression testing is an essential element of software development.

Some advantages include:

  • Increased test coverage in a shorter time frame
  • Detect and fix the bugs early
  • Delivery of a flawless end product
  • Timely intervention
  • Enhances the efficiency of the entire process
  • Cost-effective approach that saves development costs

How We Do It?

At Intesols, our workflow for regression testing involves very simple and well-defined steps that ensure the stability, functionality and security of our client’s software products. These steps involve:

  • Establishing a clear traceability matrix that outlines the requirements and corresponding test cases
  • Conducting a dependency assessment between the requirements and test cases to ensure they align with each other
  • Releasing a regression testing package that is suitable for the current release and is designed to identify any potential issues
  • Performing vulnerability-based analysis to identify areas of weakness and potential risks
  • Continuously pruning test cases that are no longer needed and replacing them with new ones to ensure comprehensive testing

Why Choose Us For Regression Testing Service?

We are a renowned regression testing service provider that offers you many reasons to work with us:

  • Cost-effective solution for regression testing
  • Our highly effective regression testing services prevent the breakout of new bugs
  • With our well-structured testing strategy, you can save time and ensure your project is on the right track
  • We can help you decrease your product’s time-to-market

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